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Terrarium care advice

Need advice to maintain your terrarium?

You have followed our maintenance advice to the letter for your first steps as the owner of your small terrarium, but you notice significant and continuous changes such as mold or a yellowing of the leaves of your plants?

Don't panic, you'll be able to heal your miniature garden!

The leaves of my plants are falling off or turning yellow

If the leaves of your Ficus Microcarpa are falling off or turning yellow, this is a sign of either too high or too low a humidity level. Touch the soil near the small shrub: if it is completely dry, spray it sparingly and moisten the moss. If, on the contrary, the soil is too soaked with water, remove the glass or cork hat until the moisture evaporates. If necessary, you can also gently wring out the foam present in the jar.

Mould has settled on my plants or on the ground

moisissure terrarium

Do you notice that a cottony white deposit has settled on your plants or on the soil? This is very often a sign of too high hygrometry and a lack of light. To remedy this, first remove this mold with a clean cloth, and cut off the leaves that are also affected.

Then leave your terrarium open for 48 hours, then close it and check that there is no too much condensation on the walls for the following days. If so, move your little miniature garden to the sun and reopen it for 24 hours.

Insects are crawling in my terrarium

If you see small gnats proliferating around your plants, know that they are not harmful but it is obviously not very aesthetic. To make them disappear, we recommend that you first eliminate as many as possible, then soak a cloth in essential oil of lemongrass or basil and finally gently rub the top of the jar with.

Still need help?

If despite these advices, the problem you are experiencing persists, or if we do not mention the concern that concerns you, contact us without further delay!