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How to maintain a plant terrarium?

A closed terrarium certainly does not need a lot of maintenance and watering, but it does need a lot of attention and vigilance , especially the first few weeks.

Maintaining a Terrarium

Humidity: a little, a lot, madly or not at all?

terrarium humide

By recreating a humid environment, the tropical terrarium allows plants to feed themselves.
On the other hand , although the humidity present on the walls is necessary for the proper functioning of the terrarium ecosystem, too much fog and therefore a too high humidity can harm your little plants.
So when you bring it home, leave it in the open without closing it for 48 hours. This time will allow him to adapt to his new environment. Then, close it and monitor them for the next few days. If there is a lot of humidity on the walls of your terrarium, i.e. large drops of water and plants that are not very visible, open it for about 1 hour to let it air out. The stagnation of humid air is conducive to the development of mold and bacteria.
Repeat the operation as many times than necessary.
The tropical terrarium can therefore take several weeks before regulating its humidity and stabilizing.

Caring for your terrarium plants

Plante terrarium a choisir

We use plants that are very slow growing. In addition, locked in a jar, they will grow slower than in an outdoor environment but will still bloom and develop. Do not hesitate to cut the leaves that touch the wall of your jar at the branches to avoid any mold. Also remember to regularly remove dead leaves and stems. On the other hand, in order to keep the growth of your small plants slow, fertilizer is not mandatory. Finally, if after a while, you feel that your plant needs more space, don't hesitate to use a larger jar and follow our tutorial to redo your terrarium yourself.

How do I water a terrarium?

Watering should be done sparsely: just spray a few streams or use a tablespoon or even your hands, but avoid the watering can or the water tap. water directly.
On the other hand, if your tap water is too hard, it is better to use mineral water.
Watering is done about twice a year, this is an average because it is done mainly according to the ambient state of your terrarium. You have to have an eye! Watch the evolution of your foam, if it turns yellow, it means it needs water. Touch the earth with your finger, is it wet or dry?

Where should I place my terrarium?

Your little garden under glass tolerates indirect light very well all year round.
But if you have the possibility, move it winter so that it is in direct exposure, on the other hand, do not forget to change its place in summer, the direct light being stronger, it could burn the plants.
In term of temperature, it is not very demanding because it can live between 15 and 25° degrees. do not hesitate to contact us.