Alocasia Black Black Velvet

Alocasia Black Black Velvet

Alocasia Black Velvet Interview

Alocasia are beautiful tropical plants native to southern Asia. In order to grow well and produce large leaves this plant with black leaves needs bright light. However, it should not be placed in the sun, as this could burn its leaves.

How do I care for my alocasia?

Alocasias do not require any particular pruning.

How do I water my alocasia?

Watering Alocasia can be tricky at first. The most important thing is to know that you should not over-water because the plant will not recover. To prevent this, remember to water your plant when the soil has dried well on top, about once a week or even every ten days. Remember to bring fertilizer for green plants once or twice a month during the spring. and summer.

When should I repot my alocasia?

Your Alocasia should be repotted into a larger pot every year. It must be put in a soil suitable for Aroid plants.

How do I take cuttings for my calathea?

It multiplies or separates the suckers from the base of the plant when repotting. You can then also divide the rhizomes.

Frequent problems

Leaves turn yellow, trunk is soft:

→ Your Alocasia may have been overwatered. Cut the affected parts, if the rhizome has not suffered from the excess water your plant will start again. If you have any doubts, unpot your plant and check the rhizome: if it is soft, your plant will unfortunately not be salvageable.

Our Alocasia is one of our medium plants!

Delivery and reception of your alocasia

Have you just bought our plant or would you like to get it? Here are the essential key actions to adopt upon receipt.

  • If it's dry, bathe it for ten minutes.
  • If it is wet, let the soil dry out.
  • Don't repot it yet!

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