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Alocasia Pink Dragon Interview

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This is one of many varieties of Alocasia. Its pink stems and dark leaves make it a unique plant. A perfect gift for a plant lover on Valentine's Day!

How do I care for my alocasia?

Native to southern Asia, Alocasia Pink Dragon are beautiful plants with pink stems and large, ribbed leaves. These houseplants need heat and light, but they don't like the sun's rays. Alocasia don't need any particular pruning.

How do I water my alocasia?

Alocasias need high humidity, the level of humidity in the air. They must therefore be misted regularly and placed in a humid space. However, the soil must dry on the surface between each watering in order to avoid a surplus of water. It must be given fertilizer for houseplants during the growth period, once or twice a month when watering.

When should I repot my alocasia?

Aerated soil will be suitable, the ideal is to choose a soil for Araceae, the Alocasia plant family. It must be repotted every year to promote its growth and the appearance of new leaves.

How do I take cuttings from my alocasia?

When repotting you can multiply the plant by dividing it or separating the shoots.

Frequent problems

The stems are soft and the leaves are yellow:

→ Too much watering can cause this, it is very important to space out the watering and let the soil dry out to avoid this. It is better to repot your plant and check that the rhizome is in good condition.

Our Alocasia is one of our medium plants!

Delivery and receipt of your plant

  • If it's dry, bathe it for ten minutes,
  • If it is wet let the potting soil dry out.
  • Don't repot it yet!

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