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Maintenance Begonia Maculata

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The *Begonia maculata *is an easy-care plant to place in partial shade. Instagram star and timeless, its small white spots make it original.

How do I care for my begonia?

Remove damaged or dried leaves.
Cold drafts and sudden temperature variations are to be avoided, as is spraying water on the foliage.

How do I water my begonia?

Watering must be regular but moderate in all seasons, the soil must be allowed to dry out completely before re-watering. In summer, let the surface dry between two waterings, in winter let the substrate dry on half of the pot between two waterings. Watering is preferably done with non-calcareous water, avoiding any stagnant humidity.

When should I repot my begonia?

In early spring, only if the plant is cramped in its pot and the roots protrude from the pot, i.e. every year for young shoots and then every two to three years thereafter. Preferably use a special potting soil for flowering plants and add a layer of drainage to the bottom of the pot.

How do I take cuttings from my begonia?

By cuttings from the ends of stems or leaves and repot in a peat and sand mixture.

Common problems

The leaves dry up and turn brown

→ Lack of water or too dry humidity

My begonia is losing its leaves

→ Lack of water or too dry humidity

Our Begonia is one of our medium-sized plants that can be delivered throughout France

Delivery and reception of your begonia

Have you just bought our plant or would you like to buy it? Here are the essential key actions to adopt upon receipt.

  • If it's dry, bathe it for ten minutes.
  • If it's wet let the soil dry out.
  • Don't repot it yet!

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