Entretien ficus elastica

Care instructions : Ficus elastica

Its common name is rubber. It is a widespread indoor plant because it has very robust foliage. Its leaves are dark green in color.

How do I care for my ficus?

The Ficus Elastica is a houseplant with large leaves, it will need a light location. However, if it is in full sun, its leaves may burn. When watering you can turn your plant 180° so that it develops evenly and does not seek to grow in the direction of the sun. You can mist your Rubber Ficus regularly and clean its leaves (above and below) with a damp cloth to promote photosynthesis in your green plant. Dead leaves should be removed gradually. It is a plant that does not need pruning.

How do I water my ficus?

Ficus are sensitive to excess water. To prevent this, water it when the soil has dried, and make sure that the water does not stagnate at the bottom of the pot. In order to stimulate its growth, this green plant can reach 3 meters indoors, fertilize it from April to September about once a month. Prefer watering every 10 days.

When should I repot my ficus?

It must be repotted when its roots come out of the pot, and planed every year if there is no repotting for larger plants.

How do I take cuttings from my ficus tree?

To cut it, you have to cut off a head, a growing branch, and replant it in a pot of the right size

Frequent problems

Soft leaves, yellow leaves:

→ This is caused by over-watering. Space your waterings well and wait until the Zamioculcas is completely dry before watering it, if you ever have any doubts it is better to let it dry out longer.

Beware of drafts and temperature changes.

Our ficus elastica is one of our medium plants for delivery throughout France!

Delivery and reception of your ficus

Have you just bought our plant or would you like to buy it? Here are the essential key actions to adopt upon receipt.

  • If it's dry, bathe it for ten minutes.
  • If it is wet, let the soil dry out.
  • Don't repot it yet!





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