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Peperomia Hope Interview

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Cuteness alert! Take a closer look... This peperomia looks ordinary, but its very soft round foliage will make you fall for it! It is part of our collection of hanging plants because it makes pretty little vines when well pampered. It is not toxic for animals and is depolluting!

How do I care for my peperomia?

Cut damaged or faded leaves at the base, shorten stems that take up too much space or become thinner if necessary.

How do I water my peperomia?

Moderate watering, water without excess so as not to drown the plant.
Let the soil dry between two waterings, water in spring and summer once a week and reduce in winter to every 10-15 days.
Do not spray its foliage, but if the air is too dry you can increase the humidity by putting clay balls at the bottom of the pot.

When should I repot my peperomia?

It is not necessarily necessary to win your peperomia, only if necessary. Most have poorly developed root systems and like cramped conditions in shallow pots.

How do I take cuttings from my peperomia?

You can smother its leaves by smothering or dividing the stumps.

Frequent problems

Faded and dull leaves

-> Lack of light

My peperomia leaves are falling

-> Drafts, root rot

The edges of the leaves are burnt

-> Exposure to direct sunlight

The leaves turn yellow

-> The plant does not have enough nutrients,

Our Peperomia Hope is one of our hanging plants for delivery throughout France!

Delivery and receipt of your peperomia

Have you just bought our plant or would you like to buy it? Here are the essential key actions to adopt upon receipt.

  • If it's dry, bathe it for ten minutes.
  • If it's wet let the soil dry out.
  • Don't repot it yet!

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