Entretien Schefflera

Schefflera interview

Schefflera is a beautiful indoor shrub with small umbel leaves.
It is easy to care for and cleans up interiors.

How do I care for my schefflera?

The Schefflera is pruned so that it branches (produces other stems). For this we "pinch" the plant, this consists of cutting the main stem with the nails of the thumb and index finger. Generally, we pinch just above the leaves. It is also possible to mist the leaves to prevent them from drying out.

Although it will tolerate being in a somewhat dark corner, the Schefflera will do best in a well-lit room, without being in direct sunlight.

How do I water my Schefflera?

Schefflera arboricola is a hardy plant that does not need a lot of water. A small amount of watering when the soil is dry is sufficient for this green plant, only about twice a month.

When should I repot my schefflera?

Because of its rapid growth, it must be repotted every two years because it quickly exhausts the soil in its pot. Choose a potting soil for green plants.

How do I take cuttings from my schefflera?

Stem cuttings at the end of spring, rooted in an airy substrate (with a mixture of potting soil and peat sand) or directly in water.

Common problems

Leaf Loss:

→ It could be natural, as long as he doesn't lose too much at once he should be healthy.

→ If you are still in doubt, try giving your plant more light if it lacks it. If you recently forgot to water the Schefflera this may be normal, give it a little water and it will come back fine. Finally you can surface its pot, in other words put 'new' soil on the surface of the pot. This will bring new nutrients to your green plant!

Our Schefflera is one of our medium plants for delivery throughout France!

Delivery and reception of your schefflera

Have you just bought our plant or would you like to get it? Here are the essential key actions to adopt upon receipt.

  • If it's dry, bathe it for ten minutes.
  • If it is wet, let the soil dry out.
  • Don't repot it yet!

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