5 ateliers DIY pour une évasion végétale et florale au coeur de Paris  - La Green Touch

5 DIY workshops for a plant and floral escape in the heart of Paris - La Green Touch

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At La Green Touch we are a fan of DIY and vegetable products, which is why we offer workshops where we are committed toshare our expertise and our know-how with an audience initiated as beginners (from 12 years old)
Our core business being plant creation, we offer several themes: plants, dried flowers, terrariums. There's something for everyone!

How does a DIY workshop take place in Paris? Time and price?

We welcome you to our vegetal concept store, located at 20 rue de Reuilly in the 12th arrondissement. We offer a wide selection of tropical plants and accessories, as well as terrarium kits (to do it yourself) and terrariums.
The duration of the workshop is different depending on the type of service chosen, count approximately between 40 minutes for an express terrarium and 2 hours for a very large terrarium!
The price will also depend on the workshop chosen and takes into account in particular the materials and/or the number of plants used as well as the time of realization, count between 40€ for a small model and 110€ for a very large model.

How do I register for a DIY workshop?

  1. You can book your service from our website via this link: https://lagreentouch. fr/pages/atelier-diy-vegetal-floral-boutique-paris
  2. You will receive a confirmation email giving you all the necessary information: place, date, place

What DIY workshops are offered?

1. Our terrarium workshops

You will learn how to make a terrarium with the help of our experts and familiarize yourself with the good reflexes to have to maintain it.
All the necessary equipment is provided on site and you will leave at the end with your creation.
- We usually start with theory where we will explain how working a miniature garden.
- We'll take a few minutes to think about the layout of your small landscape: where to put your plants and why.
- We will then move on to practice, going through all the steps to compose your terrarium step by step. We will end with maintenance tips.
You will find a wide choice of terrarium models (depending on stock availability) adaptable to each level:
- Mini terrarium (beginner level)
Suggested models: Amazonia XS & Mini Bohol
- Medium terrarium (intermediate level)
Suggested models: Jaipur, Cayenne M, Mini Cortica, Bohol, Napoli
- Large Terrarium (advanced level)
Suggested models: Bohol L, Cortica L, Amana L, Cayenne L
- Very Large Terrarium (advanced level)
Models offered: Amazonia XL (store exclusive) or Acapulco
Click HERE if you want to book one of our terrarium workshops

2. Dried Flower Wreath Workshops

A crown of dried flowers is the bohemian and trendy decorative object to decorate and flower your interior! And what could be better than to make you -even your crown by choosing the boots and colors you want?
Throughout the creation, you will be accompanied by Inès (our dried flower expert) who will show you the technique for making a wreath of dried flowers as well as the necessary materials. You will also benefit from interview tips. At the end of the workshop, you can take your creation with you to decorate your home or to offer.
Do you want to offer a DIY workshop to your loved ones?
Offer a gift card. Your loved one will be able to book the workshop of their choice on the date they want!
Click HERE if you want to book one or more workshops.
Other workshops are coming in October: repotting, flowering your balcony, kokedama! Stay tuned and follow us on social media to keep up to date with what's new:

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