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What is plant vaporization used for?

Spraying the foliage of your houseplants can have many benefits for them. We explain everything to you.

Spraying the foliage of your indoor plants can have many benefits for them. We explain everything to you.

Many houseplants are actually of tropical origin. They therefore need a humid environment, which is rarely the case in an apartment. The vaporization of these tropical plants therefore allows them to avoid suffering too much from drought.

Another usefulness of vaporization: dust off your plants! Indeed, it can also be useful to spray your indoor plants to dust off the foliage and allow it to breathe better.

Since dust mites hate humidity, the idea is also to use this vaporization technique to prevent or treat dust mite invasion.

Remember to always spray your plants on their foliage, but never on their flowers.

Despite all the benefits that leaf misting can have for your houseplants, note that some plants do not tolerate it. Indeed, be careful not to spray the leaves of your Begonias, Coleus, Cyclamen, your carnivorous plants or plants with downy foliage such as Saintpaulia.

Get a mister that will allow you to properly distribute the water on the leaves of your plants.

For the vaporization of the leaves of your plants, prefer rainwater, or in any case water that is not calcareous.

Last tip: be sure to keep your plants regularly misted. However, depending on the season, the frequency will not be the same.

It's up to you to know the needs of your plants in order to hydrate them when they need it. A few clues will put you on the right track, such as the dryness of the earth for example.

To your foggers!

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