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Bohemian decoration: our favorite plants and accessories - La Green Touch

Discover our selection of plants, terrariums and accessories that we would adopt without hesitation for a bohemian decoration!
The bohemian style by definition "is a decoration in harmony with nature, which focuses on natural materials, traditional elements and which allows a rapprochement to nature. "
This style of decoration inviting you to travel and escape goes perfectly with our eco-responsible and green products.

Discover our plants and accessories for a bohemian decoration.

1. Macramé, the essential accessory for a bohemian atmosphere

Of course, there was no escaping it!
Trendy, beautiful, practical, macrame is a bohemian reference. Thanks to our designer friend Hiboo Macramé, we offer you her superb creations in 100% recycled cotton. Simple and durable, these beautiful suspensions will allow you to show off your plants, possibly to raise them away from your children and/or pets, and decorate your walls and windows.
It's also a significant space saver if you want to decorate small spaces or interiors.
Different colors available: Natural, Eucalyptus

2. Our woven wicker baskets for a guaranteed bohemian effect

Wicker is a leading material of bohemian decoration.
Essential to hide your plastic pots and protect your plant from the cold, what we like best about our baskets, in addition to their usefulness, is their aesthetics.
We have selected several woven baskets, in natural colors, in order to embellish your plants and interiors.
Various colors available: Natural, White striped, Black striped

3. The terrarium for a half-green & half-bohemian decoration

The terrarium is a trendy decorative item, much appreciated for its ease of maintenance which brings greenery to your interior.
These transparent miniature gardens are made up of several tropical plants, with a multitude of colors and possible combinations.
Our terrariums with cork stopper are made in handcrafted ways and bring the bohemian and vintage touch to your interior.

4. A vaporizer to take care of your plants

We love taking care of our plants, and a spray bottle allows us to do it every day without the risk of harming them, unlike watering! Among our choice of vaporizers, we added this one in studded glass, natural and bohemian!

5. Our indoor plants that go perfectly with a bohemian decoration

Plants are omnipresent in a bohemian interior, they bring a wind of freshness.
Discover our selection of bohemian plants: baby plants, medium plants and large plants
The ferns are bushy, wild, and so beautiful. We thought they were perfect for a bohemian decor, but couldn't bring ourselves to choose just one. So we present to you our mini Asparagus, with small vaporous stems, and our Boston fern, with beautiful thick leaves!
Boston Fern
You can't have a bohemian interior without falling, climbing or hanging plants!
The Ceropegia couldn't not be included. With its small waterlogged leaves in the shape of a heart, you can't resist it! It is easier to care for, and requires little water.
Monstera Andasonii or the climbing plant par excellence!
It has a rapid growth (moreover in its natural environment, it is often found climbing around trees, it can measure up to ten meters in length) and it is an easy plant to maintain.
What characterizes it and makes it original is in particular its large leaves with holes allowing it to better filter the sunlight and prevent the wind from tearing its leaves.
If you want to bring a touch of color to your interior.
The Philodendron is the falling plant for you!
We couldn't imagine bohemianism without a large indoor plant, with broad, green leaves.
We have adopted it in our premises, the Strelitzia nicolai is perfect for this atmosphere cocooning.
Finally, the bohemian plant par excellence in our opinion, a large Euphorbia.
This succulent plant requires almost no maintenance, ideal for beginners wanting to start a plant collection. We advise you to dress it up with a pretty wicker basket to reinforce the bohemian spirit and protect yourself (and your pets) from thorns.

Author: Mathilde - La Green Touch

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