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With which pot to sublimate your plants?

With which pot to sublimate your plants?

Ficus, Yucca, Cactus, green plants are at the center of your interior decoration, for your greatest happiness! Once you have chosen your favorite plants that will adorn your rooms, the idea is to be able to highlight them with pretty pots or planters. So, whether they are cacti, hanging, succulent, fat, XXL, anything goes! We give you our best advice here to fine-tune your green decoration, according to your tastes and the atmosphere you want to give to your rooms. Indeed, a multitude of possibilities exist today and you will find pots and planters of all sizes, all materials and all colors.

A refined and minimalist atmosphere

If you like sobriety and elegance, we advise you to opt for concrete pots or planters. Indeed, you can easily find concrete pots. come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the plants you have. They are generally made of reconstituted stone or covered with a plaster.

concrete pots or cachepots is suitable for all plants and all plantations. The raw look of concrete will blend perfectly into your interior for a sober, refined and minimalist decoration. Its natural color will bring out the green of your plants and will only sublimate them.

A bohemian atmosphere

If you want to breathe a more bohemian note into your interior, we advise you to opt for wicker baskets or raffia baskets, which will sublimate with delicacy and subtlety each of your plants, in all rooms of your home. the House.
Woven baskets allow you to easily dress up your large ground plants, or your pretty bouquets of dried flowers. Their clear and bright tone will perfectly bring out the green of your plants. Woven palm leaf baskets are also ideal for showing off your plants of all sizes.

If you choose baskets with handles, you can put your plants and these baskets on a piece of furniture, on a window corner or on the floor. You also have the option to suspend them.
Since you are going to use these baskets as cache-pots, and in order not to damage them when watering, always remember to place a small dish under your plant at the bottom of the basket. Thus, they will resist over time and will be perfectly protected from water. For more colors, otherwise prefer raffia planters, plain or patterned. Made with natural materials, the colors and textures of these raffia baskets are neutral and warm. They will also dress up your plants... and your interior with cheerfulness and sobriety!

A decorative atmosphere

For a more "artistic" and retro atmosphere, don't wonder any longer, opt for Terrazzo pots and planters. This material from the 80s has been making a comeback for a few years and once again sublimates our interiors for a decorative-retro atmosphere. Thanks to its spotted patterns, Terrazzo is original, graphic and dynamic. Composed of natural stones and colored marble, it is an ideal mineral material to sublimate your plants. It will fit perfectly into your interior for a chic and elegant decorative atmosphere.
In the same line, and to stay in this decorative atmosphere, the ceramic pots can also highlight the foliage of your plants with their smooth and natural texture. Ceramic comes in many colors, there's something for everyone, be creative!

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