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Water cuttings for indoor and outdoor plants

Making a cutting in water is a pleasant and soothing experience. This allows you to multiply your plants to infinity and thus delight your loved ones or quite simply to enlarge your personal vegetation. In order to be sure of carrying out your cuttings in water, we give you all the necessary recommendations in our article The technique of cuttings in water and the necessary equipment.

Do not hesitate to consult it in order to follow the different steps step by step for a successful cutting in water!
However, beyond a good material and the follow-up of the steps necessary for the cutting, it is important to know the varieties of plants that lend themselves to the exercise. And who are therefore able to allow you a successful cutting. Indeed, the cutting in water is not possible with all varieties of plants. It only concerns certain indoor and outdoor plants or shrubs.

Indoor plants that grow in water

Here is the selection that we have made for you at La Green Touch , of course not exhaustive, of indoor plants that are conducive to a successful cutting in water. Aglaonema, Begonia, Ceropegia, Dieffenbachia, Fittonia, Misery, Monstera, Peperomia, Pothos, Scindapsus, Pileaand Aloe Vera.
Finally, Papyrus is also an indoor plant that can be taken from a cutting, but which requires some special requirements when taking a cutting in water.

How to cut a Papyrus in water?

Cut a stem from the Papyrus and place it upside down in your container filled with water, so that its head is submerged. The roots will thus develop on this extremity, and you can then transplant your cutting into the ground.

Outdoor plants that take root in water

When it comes to outdoor plants, cuttings in water are also possible. Here are our favorites: Hydrangea, Oleander, Datura, Fuchshia, Geranium, Impatiens, Ivy, Lilac, Cinquefoil, and Sage. You can also make cuttings in water of all aromatic plants such as Mint, Rosemary, etc.
For aromatic plants, the he advantage is to always have some at home and to avoid having to buy them regularly. Indeed, what could be more pleasant than growing and lasting them yourself over the months, in order to enhance your dishes and other culinary preparations! So… to your cuttings!

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