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How do you clean the foliage of your houseplants?

Often overlooked, cleaning the foliage of houseplants is one of the first things you can do for them.

So simple, perhaps even too aptly, we tell ourselves that it is not really useful or not technical enough for our little charges. How wrong we are! The dust that collects on the foliage obstructs the molecules that capture light and ensure the process of photosynthesis and the production of organic matter and therefore the growth of plants. This innocent gesture of freeing them from dust is therefore more than essential for plants.

La Green Touch explains in detail 3 different ways to clean your houseplants depending on the varieties and sizes.

  • 1. For XL plants that are difficult to move or the large foliage of tropical plants, such as Monstera or Alocasia, it is advisable to use a cloth or a micro fiber moistened with demineralised water or tap water that you will have previously left to stand for a few days, allowing the evaporation of some constituents such as chlorine.
  • You can also dilute a little beer with water to increase the shiny effect of the foliage. Gently going over each sheet requires a bit of dexterity, but you'll quickly get the hang of it.
  • 2. For cacti, it is best to use a brush to remove dust, threads of dust or even small cobwebs woven between the thorns of the cacti. For succulents whose fleshy, waterlogged leaves break quickly, the use of a brush is also recommended.

  • 3. Finally, for medium-sized plants and with rather thin and fragile foliage, it is best to go under the shower at room temperature for a few minutes to remove all the dirt.

If the season allows it, don't hesitate to put your plants outside when it rains, it's ecological, economical and mother nature does the work for you. Why not enjoy it ! Finally, for optimal maintenance, practice this cleaning every 15 days to 3 weeks and especially in winter when the days are short and the light is low. In the summer, you can afford to space out these interviews further.

So, get your rags! And see for yourself the noticeable benefits this gives them: the leaves, which have become shinier, reflect every ray of light and illuminate your interior.

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