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How to take care of your succulents?

To take care of your succulents, nothing could be simpler, provided you understand their needs and follow a few instructions.

Ideal for beginners or the forgetful, succulents require very little water and light and require little maintenance. In short, perfect for novices because their fleshy leaves constitute a real water reserve that the plant will come to draw as it needs. So don't worry if you forget to water.

Originally from the southern hemisphere, they appreciate heat, have low water needs and require a light and well-draining substrate, half composed of sand and potting soil for green plants. You can also lighten the soil with perlite, volcanic rock or fine gravel.

In summer, from spring to late summer, outdoor exposure to the sun or partial shade is preferable, knowing that shade can also be suitable for them. Take care to acclimatize them gently to the sun's rays by gradually increasing the exposure time each day, otherwise the sun may burn the leaves and irreparable brown spots will appear.

As for watering, nothing could be simpler, let nature do its thing. Bad weather will cover its water needs, with the exception of heat waves when succulents will appreciate a one-time addition. In autumn and winter, three possibilities are available to you. With their leaves full of water, succulents are frost susceptible and can suffer frost overnight. Some precautions should therefore be taken:

  • – Either you bring them indoors as soon as the first frosts arrive, and you water them moderately once a month only, letting the excess water drain off.
  • – Either you leave them outside “dry”, i.e. sheltered from bad weather and covered with a winter veil all winter.
  • – Either you store them in a frost-free room, without watering until next spring, where you will take them outside to enjoy the sun and the spring rains for a gentle awakening.

Finally, if you're in any doubt, just keep in mind that "Cacti would rather be forgotten than overwatered."

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