Comment protéger ses plantes du froid ?

How to protect your plants from the cold?

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The winter cold sets in little by little as the days go by and it becomes necessary to protect your plants from frost and prepare them to spend the winter in complete serenity.

La Green Touch reveals some tips and advice for keeping your plants well in winter for a nice spring recovery.

Protect outdoor plants

For outdoor plants that do not fear frost, be satisfied with a small fall pruning of trees and shrubs. Remove dead branches, but also excess or misplaced ones.

It is common sense to first remove all the saucers from the pots to ensure constant water drainage and thus eliminate any risk of frost.

For perennial flowerbeds, cut the faded stems flush and mulch the base of the plants. In order to protect the clods from frost which will start again next spring.

Potted plants, which will spend the winter outside, are ultimately the ones that require the most attention and handling. Also, as far as possible, it is advisable to provide a southern exposure of the plants. They will enjoy the sun's rays, however mild they may be.

Then it is a good idea to elevate the es plants with insulating materials such as wood or cork. Even a rug or cardboard would always be better than direct, cold contact with the ground or a terrace. Indeed, the roots of plants in pots are generally grouped on the lower part of it. They are therefore in direct contact with these cold zones. This trick acts directly on the root ball and system and allows intervention from below the plant.

Finally, to protect the top of the plant and the foliage against cold winds and effectively fight against frost burn. A winter veil must be used. Arranged in several layers if necessary, it allows good ventilation and can be used both on the foliage and to protect an entire plant, pot included.

Rearrange your interior

As for green plants taken outdoors in the summer to take full advantage of the light, they must be brought indoors. This often requires a complete reorganization of the plant layout. Choose a day when the temperatures are mild in order to favor the acclimatization and adaptation of the plants to the temperatures of our interiors.

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