Tout savoir sur le kokedama : origine, entretien, décoration - La Green Touch

All about the kokedama: origin, maintenance, decoration - La Green Touch

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Kokédama, this very trendy new vegetal art is arriving in our interiors! It is an ideal gift to offer or to offer because original and modern. In this article you will know everything about the kokedama: origin, maintenance, decoration.

Origins and symbols of the kokedama:

Appeared in Japan in the 1990s, "koke" means foam & "dama" a ball, a sphere but also something precious. It consists of a sphere of moss filled with nutrient clay substrate, on which rests a plant here the magnificent calathea makoyana.
For the Japanese, growing a kokedama and hanging it up is freeing oneself from gravity and ascending to divine dimensions of love and peace.

How to take care of a kokedama?

- Place it in a bright space without direct sunlight
- Avoid putting it in places subject to drafts: entrance, kitchen, hallways
- Avoid sources of heat so as not to burn the leaves of your Ficus
- As with plants, we prefer watering with rainwater
- For watering, it is enough to bathe the sphere halfway for 5-10 min in a large container of water once or twice a week depending on the season. Let it soak then drain for a few tens of minutes.

The 4 reasons to offer or treat yourself to a kokedama

  1. Easy to maintain, no need to have a green thumb. It will come to you with a care guide so you can take care of it.
  2. Trendy & decorative, iinviting to travel it's the green touch to have in your interior.
  3. Original gift idea, surprise those you love by offering them a unique creation and their images.
  4. Low price and accessible to all, our creations start at €15!

Where should I place my kokedama in my interior?

It can be hung or placed on a decorative object and can live for many years if it is well cared for. It can be arranged in a living room, an entrance, an office,. just about anywhere as long as it is exposed to indirect light, away from a source of heat or a draft!
The kokedama will bring an exotic, zen, relaxing and obviously green in your interior.

Our kokedama collection was developed and designed by our expert Miguel in our Parisian workshop.
We wanted to offer you several unique creations with different plants and different supports so that you can choose the one that suits you best.
To decorate small spaces
1. Kokedama with mini fittonia under bell
To decorate large spaces

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