Comment réaliser une couronne de fleurs séchées + conseils & DIY

How to make a wreath of dried flowers + tips & DIY

couronne fleurs séchées
A crown of dried flowers is the trend of the moment!
To decorate our interior and give it a bohemian and summery touch, this is the essential decorative object for this summer.
Several types of flowers can be used for the wreaths of dried flowers, there are different grasses, lavender, pampas, immortelles, eucalyptus, hydrangeas... A multitude of different colors that match each other. match and marry to perfection.

Our maintenance tips

Where should I place my wreath of dried flowers?

For your wreath of dried flowers we forget:
- Heat source and radiator that could alter the color of your flowers and tarnish them.
- Exposure to direct sunlight could burn your flowers.
- Drafts, which means avoiding entrances or corridors, as well as the bathroom because she doesn't like humidity either.
We prefer:
- A place without direct sunlight such as a bedroom or living room.
Some layout ideas for your wreath:
- On a white wall above a piece of furniture or a shelf.
- Conversely, on a colored wall to contrast
- On the front door inside suspended
- As a centerpiece in the dining room

Do I need to water my dried flowers regularly?

Contrary to what you might think NO you shouldn't water your crown! Dried flowers have the advantage, unlike fresh flowers, of not requiring maintenance.

How long do dried flowers last?

Your wreath of dried flowers, thanks to its ease of maintenance, can last several years! So it's an ideal gift!

How do I clean my wreath and dried flowers?

The downside of these flowers is that they pick up dust relatively easily. To get rid of it, use your hair dryer, cold and at minimum power, at a distance of about 20cm from the bouquet.

For what occasions to offer a wreath of dried flowers?

- For yourself and to bloom your interior without too much maintenance.
- For special occasions such as weddings or birthdays.

DIY Dried Flower Wreath Tutorial

Materials needed:
-1 floral hoop in wood or metal
-1 spool of brass wire
- 1 selection of dried flowers
- 1 pair of scissors
- And your hands :)
The steps to follow to make your crown:
1. Cut the strands using a pair of scissors then make small bouquets by combining them.
2. Tie them with the brass wire then place them on the crown.
3. Attach them to the crown using the brass wire. Keep your same thread throughout your realization.
4.Repeat the operation until the crown is filled or partially filled according to your wishes.
Check out our tutorial video, enjoy watching!

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