Tutoriel : Créez votre propre terrarium facilement en 6 étapes - Kit Acapulco La Green Touch

Tutorial: Create your own terrarium easily in 6 steps - Kit Acapulco La Green Touch

5 tips for taking care of your houseplants in the spring. You read Tutorial: Create your own terrarium easily in 6 steps - Kit Acapulco La Green Touch 4 minutes Following 7 plants ideal for a dark interior

Create your own tropical terrarium or gift this kit to your green-fingered loved ones. An easy, fun and relaxing workshop to do at home, to have your personalized plant ecosystem.

In this video, we show you through this tutorial the 6 steps to follow to make a terrarium accompanied by some tips.
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Materials needed to make your terrarium:

- A glass jar approximately 25cm in diameter and 30cm in height.
- A cork stopper.
- A ficus, an asparagus, a fittonia, ivy, among others.
- A small box containing ball moss, sphagnum moss, 3 sachets of decorative gravel, our potting soil and pozzolana.
- 2 design and maintenance guides to best help you in creating your terrarium.

The 6 steps to follow to create your own terrarium.

We start by making the soil of the terrarium, for this step, you will need the following elements: pozzolan, sphagnum, compost.

Step 1: The Pozzolan

  • To prevent water from stagnating at the bottom of the terrarium, pour a layer of pozzolan (volcanic rock, that's the red packet) evenly on the bottom of the container.

Step 2: Sphagnum

  • Make a moss ball with sphagnum moss (dehydrated moss), its role is to absorb as much moisture as possible. Then place it in the center of the pozzolan.

    Step 3: Soil La Green Touch

    • We pour half of the potting soil and don't forget to tamp!

      After the soil, the next step is the plants

      Step 4: Plants
      Tip: Remember that a terrarium will be admired from the front and not from above, so be careful where you want to place your plants. For 1 single plant, place it in the center creating a hill to have more volume. For a 2,3 or 4 plant kit, place the largest plant in the back and the smallest in the front.

      • Dig a hole where you want your plants. The leaves of your plants should not touch the sides of the jar.
      • You unpot your first plant, turn your pot over and tap it lightly.
      • Then, remove as much soil as possible around the roots so that they are clearly visible.
      • All you have to do is plant, packing the soil well to stabilize them.

      Bonus: For fittonias, it is advisable to divide them to best arrange your miniature garden.

      Step 5: Foam Ball

      • Take the ball moss out of its packaging. Rub gently to remove exterior residue. It is strongly advised to divide it and not to put everything if you do not want your terrarium to be overloaded.

      The most important thing is to press down firmly when planting the moss so that it can be moistened by the soil.

      Step 6: Decorating

      • Cover the remaining soil with decorative minerals as desired. Let your imagination run free!

      Bonus: Pack with a brush along the sides of the jar to make it more uniform and neat. :)

      Tips for maintaining your terrarium

      After completion, open your terrarium for 24 hours until it acclimatizes to its new environment. The terrarium can take up to 1 month to stabilize, which is why it is important to monitor its evolution.

      Location: Choose a bright space with no heat source. Do not expose it to direct sunlight as this could burn the plants.
      Watering: Spray once a week if the terrarium is open if closed about 1 to 3 waterings per year only. Watering is done when the moss begins to thin out.
      Condensation: If your terrarium has a lot of condensation, do not hesitate to open it for 2 to 3 hours until it stabilizes.
      Maintenance: Prune your plants when the leaves begin to touch the sides of the jar.

      Check out our tutorial:

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