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Plants in your workspace for better productivity

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More and more studies prove that productivity at work is improved by a green environment which would make it healthier and soothing. Thus the presence of green plants in the workplace, whether at home or in the office, greatly improves productivity and reduces stress. Well-being at work is increasingly at the heart of companies' concerns and employers have understood that certain arrangements within the workspace of their employees can considerably boost their productivity.

Plants against anxiety

It has been proven by numerous scientific studies that plants have many virtues, in particular relaxing, and more specifically in a professional context. Thus, it would seem that the presence of plants in a work environment would act directly on the nervous system and would even be more effective than a drug. There would therefore be an obvious link between the presence of greenery in a work environment and the attitude of employees. And ultimately, the connection actually seems pretty obvious. When we know for example that a walk in the forest decreases the production of stress hormones and soothes, we understand better why a work space decorated with green plants soothes the worker, to whom the task will therefore seem more pleasant.

Plants for better physical and mental health

We all know the evils of work. By dint of sitting too long, in the same position, behind our computer, we can be more easily subject to physical disorders of all kinds. The presence of green plants in his work environment would reduce migraines, fatigue and the feeling of confinement, exacerbated in recent times, during periods of confinement. Green plants strengthen the immune system. And inevitably, this has a positive influence on work and productivity. To know the best plants to have around in your workspace, it's here: Which plants for your workspace?

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