Que planter au mois d’août ?

What to plant in August?

The beautiful and well-established summer heat in our territory has filled our fruits and vegetables with delicious sweet, tangy and even spicy flavors to the greatest satisfaction of our taste buds.

As for the gardens, the heat allowed for sumptuous and abundant flowering of flowering plants, a visual and olfactory recreation offered to local residents and other holidaymakers.

So, is it time for the well-deserved gardener's rest now or is there planting work in August? What to do in August in our gardens?

On the ornamental garden side, several small maintenance activities are implemented such as protecting plants from heat by mulching the base of shrubs, cutting fuchsias, pelargoniums, hydrangeas, roses... or even removing secondary buds at the end stems of dahlias and chrysanthemums to promote the main bud and abundant flowering in the fall.

This is also the time to plant fall-flowering bulbs such as irises, crocuses or cyclamen and for mature plants, to divide them.

Finally, August is the ideal time to plant bamboo, grasses and aquatic plants.

For balconies and terraces, you can already make autumn compositions in a window box with dwarf asters, heuchera, or variegated periwinkles.

For indoor plants, only non-flowering plants that are cramped in their pots can only be repotted.

On the vegetable garden side, a little maintenance and planting are to be expected. Prune aubergines, melons and peppers to promote fruiting, pinch tomatoes; and plant cauliflower, broccoli, winter lettuce, parsley, ribbed celery.

This is also the time to pick the most beautiful runners from the strawberry plants before transplanting them into individual pots.

Finally, don't forget to water the rhubarb and raspberries abundantly during hot weather to ensure the ripeness of the fruits and a good harvest to taste!

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