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Should the water be left in the saucer?

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Do you love your houseplants and want to keep them in top shape for a long time? To do this, you need to adopt simple but necessary maintenance reflexes. Whether it's your plant's exposure to light, the temperature of the room it's in, regular watering...

Every detail counts and nothing should be left to chance so that it can develop and stay healthy.

As far as watering is concerned, you can refer to our article on this subjectHow to properly water your indoor plants, which will detail all the tips to apply to ensure the well-being of your plants. Here we are going to dwell on a fundamental question concerning watering and to which you must have heard contradictory answers. Should the water be left in the saucer after watering your plant or not?

The answer is no! And it's even the best way to drown your plant.

In fact, the roots should never be in contact with water, and contrary to popular belief, they cannot drink stagnant water ad infinitum and are very fragile. So take the time to empty the water from your plant's saucer after each watering.

To put it simply, when you see water in the saucer after watering your plant, it actually means it has had enough to drink.

In summer, if it is really very dry and hot, you can always let the water stagnate in the saucer about thirty minutes after watering your plant. But after this time has passed, be sure to remove the excess water in the saucer to prevent rotting of the roots.

Keep in mind that the majority of plants cannot tolerate permanently wet soil. An empty saucer after watering is therefore a reliable way to keep your plant healthy!

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