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Do you need to repot a plant from a plastic pot right away?

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Have you just acquired a new plant and you can't wait to place it in your home to adorn your interior or exterior?

That said, do you still wonder if it is necessary to repot your plant immediately after your purchase? We answer all your questions here!

In general, it is best to repot your plant as soon as you buy it since plants are often grown in pots that are too small for them to grow properly.

So plan a nice pot in which you can repot it as soon as possible.

On the other hand, be vigilant if you notice that your plant is budding or flowering. In this case, be sure to plan to repot your plant a little later to avoid a possible fall of the buds.

The choice of your new pot is also very important since it will allow you to wait long enough before the next repotting. One year later for a young plant, and two to three years later thereafter.

The pot you choose must have a hole in the bottom and must be slightly larger in diameter than the old one (between three and five centimeters more). Find a happy medium and do not choose a pot model that is too large.

The roots won't find their bearings and your plant may quickly turn sour.

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