Comment entretenir un bouquet de fleurs séchées ? Nos conseils & astuces

How to maintain a bouquet of dried flowers? Our tips & tricks

fleurs séchées

Dried flowers are the perfect alternative for summer, when it's hot or if you're going on vacation! Just as decorative as fresh flowers, dried flowers have many advantages. We give you some simple tips and advice to keep your bouquet of dried flowers alive for as long as possible.

Our maintenance tips

In the past, dried flowers were used for medicinal, botanical and ornamental properties.
These days, they are coming back into fashion in our interiors, bringing a bohemian and summery touch to your decoration!
Several types of flowers can be used for bouquets of dried flowers, we find in our bouquets different grasses, lavender, pampas, immortelles, eucalyptus, hydrangeas. A multitude of different colors that match and blend perfectly.
They don't need any special maintenance.

Where should I put my bouquet of dried flowers?

For the location of your bouquet of dried flowers we recommend:
- Putting it away from a heat source and from the radiator, this could alter the color of your flowers and tarnish them.
- Not exposing it to direct sunlight could burn your flowers. For exposure, we therefore favor a location without direct sunlight preferably.
- From him avoid drafts, which means avoiding entrances or corridors, as well as the bathroom because he doesn't like humidity either. The ideal place: a bedroom or a living room for example.

Should you water your bouquet regularly?

A little? A lot ? To insanity ? No way ? Contrary to what one might think NO you should not water the dried flowers! Rather practical for those who do not have a green thumb or no time to take care of it right?

How long do dried flowers last?

A bouquet of dried flowers because of its ease of maintenance can last several years! So much stronger than fresh flowers, a bouquet of dried flowers is a purchase that lasts over time.

Cleaning: how do I clean my bouquet of dried flowers?

The downside of these flowers is that they pick up dust relatively easily. To get rid of it, use your hair dryer, cold and at minimum power, at a distance of about 20cm from the bouquet.

For what occasions to offer dried flowers?

- For yourself and for blooming your home without too much maintenance!
Dried flowers are timeless and timeless and adapt to all types of interiors (apartments, houses) and seasons (spring, summer and winter).
- To offer on special occasions such as weddings or birthdays, it's the perfect gift!

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fleurs séchées

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