La mousse en terrarium : son utilité et comment l'entretenir ?

Terrarium moss: its usefulness and how to maintain it?

What is a terrarium?

As a reminder, a terrarium is a glass jar containing: tropical plants suitable for growing in a terrarium, vegetable moss, pozzolan, sphagnum and decorations (pebbles, pebbles).

A closed terrarium does not require much maintenance: watering once or twice a year is enough and to maintain it, you prune the plants when the leaves touch the walls of the jar. Finally, a terrarium should be displayed in a bright room without direct sunlight, the sun could burn your plants.

What is the role of moss in a terrarium?

Ball moss is used to supply moisture and oxygen to plants. Due to their exotic and tropical origins they need heat, humidity and oxygen.
Moss, thanks to its humidifying and oxygenating properties, therefore plays a fundamental role in the life of a terrarium.
It also serves as a witness to know when to water its terrarium.

What if your foams turn yellow?

A terrarium is autumn, but it requires a minimum of vigilance, especially regarding the moss! The change in color of the moss can be explained first of all by the fact that your terrarium does not irrigate naturally enough and lacks water. Or your terrarium may be in a location that is too bright, which dries out and will fade the color of your moss over time.
To get the moss back to its pretty green color, you have two options:
First option:
Lightly mist the moss using a spray bottle.
If that doesn't work and your moss remains light green or yellow, you should try the second option below.
Second option:
1.Get a tub or large container
2.Pour water up to halfway
3.Take your mosses out of the terrarium and dip them in
4.Wait 30 minutes to see if your mosses turn green again.

If it does not change color, in this case you will have to buy moss to give your terrarium a makeover.
-Take the moss out of its packaging and plant it. The most important thing is to support well when planting the mosses so that they can get moistened by the soil.
-You can also divide it to better arrange your miniature garden.
-Then spray it with the spray bottle.
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