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bulb plants

Bulb plants have the ability to provide themselves with a reserve of nutrients, which then allows them to disappear at the end of the season and to bloom again the following season and thus continue their vegetative cycle over several years. Thus, the bulbous plant stores reserves underground in order to maintain its different cycles.

We often tend to qualify as ''bulbose'', all the plants which are composed of an underground reserve organ, which allows them to survive from one year to the next. other. Bulb plants are therefore part of the large family of perennials.

Which bulb plants to choose?

The cultivation of bulb plants is very widespread, however, we advise you to find out about the planting and maintenance that each one requires because they do not all have the same characteristics.

In this way, you can choose the variety of bulb plants that best suits your needs and the location you reserve for it.

Besides, you may not have known this, but know that many aromatic plants are part of the bulb plant family.
Here are the bulb plants that we have selected for you.

The different bulb plants

Garlic is a bulbous plant made up of different cloves. It is very appreciated for its therapeutic virtues as well as cooking. It is also part of the perennial plant family.

Wild garlic
Wild garlic, related to garlic, is a perennial bulbous plant originally found in the woods, in a cool and shady environment. It is composed of small white flowers.

Chives will find their place perfectly in your vegetable garden, in your garden or on your balcony, if you want to grow some aromatic plants. It is very popular with foodies and cooks to spice up certain dishes with delicacy.

Onions have the particularity of being both a herb and a vegetable. It is very popular in the kitchen and used a lot. It is easy to grow and can be enjoyed both for its taste and its many benefits.

The hyacinth
The hyacinth is a bulbous plant very well known and appreciated for its pretty flowers. It can both be considered as an indoor plant, and in these cases may flower in winter. It can also adorn the beds of your garden with beauty and can in these cases bloom in the spring.

Narcissus is a bulbous plant made up of very beautiful yellow and white flowers which is widely used in beds for a guaranteed effect . In addition, it has the advantage of not requiring significant maintenance and will find its place perfectly in your garden

The tulip
The tulip is also a member of the bulb plant family. It has the advantage of being available in multiple colors. Its magnificent flowering starts in March. In beds in your garden, or in a bouquet for your interior, you will be won over by this pretty flower. Today, the tulip is a worldwide success and is the most cultivated plant in the world.

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