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Often from the liana family, climbing plants form stems and generally grow significantly in order to seek light from above. Lianas and climbing plants often cling to other plants, usually trees, and thus help themselves with their trunk to climb.

In addition, they are ideal for quickly flowering your garden or balcony because some of them grow quickly. A climbing plant will therefore use another plant, or any support, to grow vertically for a wild and full look. We tell you everything about these plants which have many advantages!

Which climbing plants for your exterior?

The climbing plant family is full of multiple plant varieties, each as beautiful as the next. They are very popular for their ability to dress a wall, a pergola, or a bare fence. Some varieties will need time to develop and thus properly flesh out your exterior, while other climbing plants grow quickly if you are in a more hurry.
La Green Touch has therefore selected for you the most popular climbing plants and lianas in gardens.

Virginia creeper
Its extremely fast growth and dense foliage allow it to quickly invade a wall or fence. You'll even be surprised at how fast she grows, so be prepared to prune her regularly.

Golden hops
In the same vein as Virginia creeper, golden hops are a good compromise with a more decorative leaf shape. It has the ability to grow up to six meters tall in one season, and you'll find its pretty foliage turns from yellow to green during the summer.

Star jasmine
Star jasmine is very resistant, it can be used on any surface all year round because it is not afraid of low temperatures. Although its flowers only come out from June to September, it is said to be evergreen because its foliage will remain dense throughout the seasons. A big advantage!

In addition to dressing your wall, pergola or fence, this magnificent plant will also embalm your entire exterior. Last advantage, it requires little maintenance... so don't hesitate any longer!


The pretty flowers of passionflower, a climbing plant also called passion flower, are present from May to October and its foliage is evergreen all year round, just like its cousin the star jasmine. The colors of its flowers and small orange fruits will bring joy and exoticism to your garden.

You can also opt for other alternative climbing plants or lianas such as ivy, sweet peas, wisteria, honeysuckle, or evergreen clematis.

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