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Plants for a bright interior

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Are you lucky enough to have a bright interior, bathed in light, and do you dream of greening some of your rooms? You'll be spoiled for choice ! Indeed, there are a multitude of varieties of plants that are particularly fond of natural light. They will find their place perfectly in your interior. Whether you want to give a ''jungle'' style to your interior by choosing XXL plants or whether you want to match several small plants on your furniture and shelves, you will have a multitude of choices .
The main thing is to really know their needs so that your plants develop as well as possible and thus sublimate your decoration for a long time. In addition, plants are known for their anti-stress effect, so do not skimp on the green in your interior, listen to your desires and let your creativity speak, in order to mix sizes, shapes, graphics and colors. Anything goes!

Zoom in on the most popular varieties of houseplants in a bright environment!
Beware, however, of the direct midday sun, which could dry out the your plant. Indeed, even if it is fond of light, exposing it to direct sunlight daily could harm it. So it's all a question of dosage!

Large green plants for a bright interior

Large green indoor plants are welcome in a bright living room or living room, for example. These are rooms in which we like to relax and receive. You can opt for indoor palm trees that breathe a breath of exoticism into your interior. In the family of large green plants, some are more depolluting. The Dracaneaand Dieffenbacchia are very popular, light-loving depolluting plants. Depending on its variety, it offers different foliage. The Schefflera, also a depolluting plant, will win you over with its variegated leaves! Areca is a plant with flexible and generous foliage, and can develop very dense foliage over time.
With its rather autumnal colors, turning from red to yellow, with spots and mottling irregular, the Croton is a bright indoor plant that is a great success in bright interiors.
Calathea, Ficus, Japanese Aralia (or Fatsia Japonica), are all plants that you will easily find and which will sublimate the decoration of your interior in full light.

Flowering plants for a bright interior

If you want to flower your bright interior, you can opt for Begonia, Clematis or even Spathyphillum.
So that all these plants accompany you in your home for a long time, so make sure that they have enough light and take care to water them regularly.

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