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Heat-loving plants

Heat, heat waves and drought are increasingly becoming the hallmarks of our summers.

So is it really compatible with plants? Which ones are doing well and loving the heat?

As all plants do not have the same origins or the same needs in terms of exposure, light or growing temperatures, La Green Touch reveals a selection of ideal plants that will meet your expectations by hot, dry weather and give you great growth.

We naturally find plants from the southern hemisphere such as succulents and cacti. As their names suggest, their leaves or trunks are full of "juices" and constitute a real water reserve for these plants. They are therefore among the plants most resistant to scorching summers.

Then, we find Mediterranean plants such as olive trees and palm trees. These plants are both resistant to hot, dry air and also to sometimes violent coastal winds.

As for flowering plants, we selected oleander, bougainvillea and even lavender. Very adapted to a hot and dry climate in summer, they will all give you magnificent flower stalks even with reduced humidity and watering.

Finally, aquatic plants such as water lilies really appreciate heat. Sometimes more difficult to implement due to the need for a pond, these plants are still too rare in our gardens.

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