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Pots and planters

There are all kinds of pots, all sizes, all colors, and all materials and it is sometimes difficult to be sure to choose the right one.

We give you all our little tips and tricks for choosing the right pot according to your plant, and thus optimize its good growth.

Indeed, once you have bought pretty plants to adorn your window sills, the different rooms of your interior, or even your exterior. It is very important to be well equipped in terms of pots in order to ensure optimal growth for your plants.
But how to choose the right pot? We tell you everything.

A pierced pot or not?

First of all, it is essential to make the difference between a pierced pot and a pot whose bottom is full. As a reminder, the pot has a solid bottom, while the cache-potis pierced. As its name suggests, the flowerpot is intended to hide a pot, so it is chosen more for its aesthetic appearance than for the well-being of the plant.

The pot will present different characteristics to him, depending on its size, and the material in which it is made. There are important differences between a pot and a cache-pot, it is important to know them in order to optimize the repotting of your plants.

Be sure to choose your pot (or your planter) for the well-being of your plant, and for a nice decoration in your interior. To find out more, do not hesitate to consult our article Pot or cache-pot, what is the difference?

What size pot should you choose for your plant?

Contrary to popular belief, the pot size you choose for your plant is very important. Indeed, we recommend that you always choose a pot a little larger than your plant to optimize its growth.

For more information on the importance of the size of the pot according to its plant, it is here: Which size of pot should you choose for your plant?

Which pot material should you choose for your plant?

Again, this can quickly become a headache since there are a multitude of different pot materials. Pots made of clay, concrete, ceramic, plastic, etc. We often tend in these cases to favor the aesthetic aspect, but it is important to ensure that this is compatible with the future well-being of your plant. Zoom in on the different pot materials and their characteristics in our article Which pot material should you choose for your plant?

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