Nos 4 conseils pour prendre soin de votre terrarium pendant l'été.

Our 4 tips for taking care of your terrarium during the summer.

Our 4 tips for taking care of your terrarium in summer.

Summer is often synonymous with going on vacation and being hot!
Even if the terrarium is a almost autonomous ecosystem, summer is a delicate time when you have to watch over it more than the rest of the year.
And so that you can leave with peace of mind, we give you some tips for taking care of your terrarium before you leave or during the summer: condensation, watering, exhibition, interview you will know everything!
Be sure to follow our 4 tips to keep your miniature garden alive for as long as possible.

1. Condensation and humidity, what to do?

As we all know, summer is a rather delicate period for plants where they need to be monitored regularly! First of all because of the high temperatures and heat, their need for watering will be more frequent and more numerous than in winter for example. For a terrarium it's quite different, they don't need to be watered more often.
Humidity is essential for a terrarium, however although it is necessary, too much humidity inside the terrarium could promote the appearance of mold and bacteria. To avoid this, it is important to air your terrarium in order to stabilize it.
Contrary to what one might think, the period when the terrarium will be most likely to emit condensation and humidity is in summer, mainly during the months of June, July and August.
We are explaining to you that indeed high heat inside the terrarium, due for example to exposure near the window or to direct sunlight, can cause overheating of the jar which will result in a thick mist invading the jar to such an extent that you will no longer see your small plants.
If that's the case, don't panic! You will need to quicklyopen the terrarium for 2 to 3 hours until it stabilizes and until there is no more misting.
So pay attention to the exhibition we'll tell you about right after.

2. When should I water and how often during the summer?

Thanks to its ecosystem, the terrarium requires little maintenance, especially with regard to watering. To make it quick, thanks to the ambient humidity and the evapotranspiration of the plants in the jar (which then turns into fine droplets) to return to the earth, the latter replenishes itself.
So you say to yourself that before you go on vacation, given the high temperatures, you should increase the watering of your terrarium?
Well the answer is not necessarily!
The indicator is not the temperature but the foam, indeed if you see that the foam begins to lighten and become slightly yellowish, it is a sign that need to be watered.
To do this, we advise you to do it little by little and sparingly, too much watering could harm your plants!
We therefore prefer a pipette or vaporizer to be able to dose the quantity of water as well as possible and to be able to adapt if necessary. As for the plants, we obviously favor non-calcareous water or rainwater and we avoid tap water yes yes!
If this technique does not work and your moss is already yellow , it's not lost as a last resort, you can try the following trick:
- Get a tray or a large container
- Pour water up to half
- Take your mosses out of the terrarium and dip them in the tray / container
- Wait 30 minutes
- 2 possible solutions:
Either the moss turns green as before and you're done!
Or it doesn't change color, in which case you'll have to buy more moss to make your terrarium look beautiful again.

3. The exhibition, should you protect your terrarium from the sun's rays during the summer?

When we go on vacation we often tend to close the shutters and think that our plants will survive big mistake! A terrarium like a plant needs a minimum of light in order to grow, so do not deprive them of light.
Conversely, they should not be exposed near the window in direct sunlight either, as this could burn your small plants or cause the jar for the terrarium to overheat.
The most suitable exposure, even for going on vacation, remains a bright space but we advise you to move your terrarium away from the window and place it in partial shade.
In terms of temperature, it is not very demanding because it can live between 15 and 25° degrees.

4. How do I maintain a terrarium before I go on vacation?

Your vacation is coming up, so follow these tips carefully.
- If you see that your plants are growing too much and the leaves are touching the walls of the jar. In this case, cut them using a suitable pair of scissors.

- To prevent the appearance of mould you can use our N'bio protective spray which fights against the appearance of diseases and bacteria. Go on vacation with peace of mind and be serene!

- The day before you leave, you can open your terrarium for a few hours to lower the humidity, then close it. :)
- If ever your mosses start to thin out or dry out slightly, take the opportunity to water them using, for example, one of our spray bottles. Find our collection of terrarium accessories here
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Author: Mathilde - La Green Touch

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