Comment sauver vos plantes en rentrant de vacances.

How to save your plants when you return from vacation.


If you haven't read our last article, haven't been able to properly prepare your plants, or all your efforts weren't enough to fight the heat, and your plants have suffered, don't worry. It's still possible to save them, and we'll help you get them back on their feet.


How are your plants doing? If the substrate is totally dry, and/or the leaves are soft to the touch, or worse already lying on the ground, give a bath to your plants.

Watering them from the bottom of the pot will not further damage the already weakened leaves, and the plant will absorb what it needs. Remember not to give cold water, let your water come to room temperature.

The bath usually lasts between 5 and 10 minutes, but you can leave your plant soaking as long as its leaves have not recovered.

If some leaves remain soft, you will have to prune them, so you must cut at the bottom of the stem.

If the leaves have dried, you need to cut them. A dry, yellow, or brown leaf won't turn green again. However, if more than half of a plant's leaves have been affected, don't prune them all at once and let the plant get away with it. clear away on her own.

The pruning can make it possible to make cuttings.

2. CUT

If your plants are really messed up, you can try to cut them, or propagate, to give them a second life. Several methods are possible depending on the variety: leaf cutting, stem or even section, in water or soil, the choice is yours!

You can consult our guides already available to learn how to multiply your plants easily.

If your plants are completely dried out, limp and not straightening up, it may be too late for them. You can prune them, take cuttings, try to save a few stems or leaves, but you will have to separate yourself from the plant. That's okay, you've already taken good care of your plant, and sometimes nature is stronger than us!

If you travel often or have a globetrotting soul, opt for "self-contained" plants instead. Some varieties tolerate being alone for a few weeks, such as sansevieria, ceropegia and zamioculcas. These are not optimal growing conditions for these plants, but they will survive.

Our trio of "Easy Care" plants for travelers!

You can also opt for a Euphorbia.

Finally go on vacation with peace of mind!

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