Petits conseils et astuces pour assurer auprès de vos plantes cet hiver.

Little tips and tricks to insure with your plants this winter.

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Little tips and tricks to insure with your plants this winter

Brightness for my plants in winter

It is important to adapt the care that you give to your plants according to the season, because many environmental factors change at this time.

The days are getting shorter, not only is the light low but the sun is only present for a few hours a day. There is then a risk that your plants will lack light. In prevention, make sure that they are well exposed to natural light, close to your windows. Do not forget to prioritize the layout of your plants according to their need for light, some may be able to stay in their little corner quietly. However, make sure that there are no temperature differences too great near your windows, or draughts, because your plants really won't like it.

As a second solution, if you don't have enough windows, or still lack light, you can buy horticultural lamps, some of which are accessible and space-saving. (we're trying to get some soon!)

Heating and indoor plants, do they mix?

Heating is your best ally against the cold, although you will still have to watch out for its impact on your plants. Indeed, it dries the air, but keep in mind that most of your indoor plants require high humidity, count between 60 and 80% humidity in the air. There are several tricks to overcome these problems. Group your plants together, this will allow them to share their humidity, and mist them regularly. Clean their leaves well, this will facilitate their photosynthesis. Beware of underfloor heating, it is better to raise your favorite plants!

In winter, how often do I water my plants?

Concerning watering you will have to be vigilant, and above all light-hearted.
Keep in mind this advice that will always be essential to you: it is better to let a plant dry out a little too long than to overwater it.
In winter, the water needs of your plant decrease, it too may grow more slowly, or even stop growing until spring. You don't need to water it as much as it does on sunny days, try to let its soil dry out between waterings. The same goes for fertilizer, which is not necessary from October to April.

It is important to adapt your care to your home, each house is unique and you must adapt your plants to your interior. Be patient, believe in yourself and you will become a super plant dad or a super plant mom!

A plant without too much maintenance?

And if after all our advice you think your hand isn't green enough yet, here is a small selection of plants that will allow you to have a little pet sprout that you won't kill winter like summer.

1. The zamioculcas


2. Sansevieria


3. Succulents and cacti


4. Ficus elastica tineke or belize

ficus elastica belizeficus elastica tineke

5. A small plant under glass: Terrarium

plante terrarium

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