7 plantes idéales pour un intérieur sombre

7 plants ideal for a dark interior

If you're looking to adopt a plant, and are on the ground floor, facing north, or just don't have a lot of light in your home, we have houseplants that will look great in your home and will tolerate dark spaces!
You don't need to have large south-facing bay windows to adopt plants. Some prefer darker spaces, away from the sun's rays, which they do not know in their natural habitat. Not all the plants here prefer shade, but will adapt to it, and grow a little slower than if they were in a brighter location.

The top 7 plants that are ideal for a dark interior

1. The Unkillable: SANSEVIERIA

Sansevieria, also known as Mother-in-Law's Tongue or Snake Plant, is great to have indoors. Resistant to all kinds of exposure, although it does not support full sun, it also requires little water.

2. Autocare: ZZ

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is an easy plant to appreciate. It is beautiful, with its long, slender stems adorned with small leaves, and its maintenance is very easy. It should be watered when its soil has completely dried out, which can take two weeks or more depending on the size of the pot. But it is also capable of keeping water in reserve, and going without it for a month or more (we still advise against it). And finally, what interests us in this article: it tolerates less luminous spaces, especially the Raven variety, with its sublime black foliage.


We at Green Touch are Pothos fans. We appreciate the variety of species, the different colors, its ease of maintenance, its beautiful vines... We also like it because the Pothos tolerates dark spaces quite well, except perhaps the Pothos Marble Queen. Although it will grow quickly, give bigger leaves in a bright environment, your Pothos will be just as beautiful in a small shaded corner. Note, however, that if the leaves of your Pothos Golden are no longer yellow and green but only green, it is indeed lacking in light, but it will not die for this, do not worry.



Calathea and Maranta, from the Marantaceae family, are magnificent indoor plants, with ornate leaves, striped, striped, decorated, red, green, purple, we are a fan.


Monstera, Adansonii and Deliciosa are our favorite tropical plants, with their large, green, serrated leaves. Although their development strategy in nature is to grow towards the light, using aerial roots to climb tall trees, they manage to survive in somewhat darker spaces. Make sure you still have a window in the room where you want to place it, and don't put it too far from her so that it doesn't grow into a long leafless vine, seeking the light. (heliotropism)


Philodendrons have the same characteristics as Monstera, you can also fall for Brazil, and its two-tone foliage, without worry!

A few tips to follow:

Place your plants that need the most light near your windows, but be careful that they don't fear or be affected by the sun's rays. You can also buy grow lights if you want to acquire certain varieties in particular. For example, Alocasia are plants that need bright light, and risk withering if they do not receive it.

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