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What watering for a cactus?

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How to water a cactus?

Its reputation as an easy-care plant has always followed it. But the cactus has, that said, very particular requirements to respect. Especially when it comes to watering! This article will help you know how to care for your cacti.

Caring for a cactus

Considered today as a trendy and natural decorative object, the cactus has been making a comeback in recent years. With its often original and graphic shape, the cactus will bring an exotic and chic note to your interior or your garden. Whether they are small, displayed on your shelves, flowery or natural, or more imposing in prettybaskets, they will charm you throughout the season. 'year.

Its reputation for plantseasy to care for has always followed it, and made it a '' must have'', especially for those who consider they don't have a green thumb. However, beware of received ideas! However, the cactus has very special requirements to respect, especially in terms of watering.

The vital needs of cacti: light and watering

The cactus initially grows and develops in a very hot, dry, even arid environment. It is a perennial plant, called "fleshy", which has the ability to store water in its leaves, stems and roots. This allows it to cope with long periods of drought. However, its watering should not be neglected, quite the contrary! Even if it should not be too frequent, watering the cactus remains important for its well-being and development. Their needs vary from season to season. Quite logically, and in order to be able to live on its water supply, the cactus must fill it up at certain times.

First of all, to develop, it will need bright light that will remind it of its original habitat. The best location for optimal exposure? The sill of your windows, which will allow your cactus to be in top shape whatever the season.

Water at the right time and at the right frequency

In terms of watering, during the vegetative period in winter, its need for water is minimal. At this time of year, watering will have the role of preventing the soil from drying out. So, at this time of year, and if your cactus is indoors in a very dry place, you can water once a month at most.

During the growth period, you should make sure to water your cactus a little more frequently, once every 15 days, as soon as you notice that the root ball is becoming dry.

Beware of an overdose of water, which can quickly be fatal. You can soak your cactus by placing it for ten minutes in a tray of water at room temperature, and thus avoid wetting its trunk or stems. If you do water it, use a watering can without an apple, making sure to only aim for the soil. To be sure of the amount of water at each watering, water gently, in several passes, until the water flows into the saucer.

In the spring, if you notice that the roots are starting to come out of the pot, do not hesitate to repot your cactus in a pot slightly larger, in order to optimize its growth. In this case, opt for a soil for cacti.

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