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What maintenance for an Aloe Vera?

Even if it is a resistant and undemanding plant, we remind you here of the good gestures to have for the maintenance of Aloe Vera, over the seasons.
Highly appreciated both for its original and elegant foliage and for its many virtues, Aloe Vera is a succulent plant full of resources.

Getting to know Aloe Vera better

Its green, fleshy leaves contain a gel known since antiquity for its healing and moisturizing medicinal properties. This is the reason why Aloe Vera is very often used in cosmetic products.

In addition to its therapeutic and cosmetic properties, Aloe Vera is also an essential succulent for the plant decoration of your home.

Even if it is a resistant and undemanding plant, we remind you here how to maintain it over the seasons.

Caring for Aloe Vera: the right things

His exposure

A succulent plant native to Africa, Aloe Vera is rather adapted to our interiors since it needs heat and sun to feel good. If you want to take it out in the summer, beware of the nights being too cold! Remember to bring it in if the outside temperature drops below 10 degrees.

It will find its place perfectly near a window or in a veranda, with bright and moderate light. However, you must be careful not to expose it too much to direct sunlight, otherwise its leaves will turn yellow and dry out.

We also recommend that you avoid dark or humid rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Watering and repotting

Remember to water your Aloe Vera once every 10 days in spring and summer. Especially when the temperatures are hot and the earth becomes dry on the surface. Aloe Vera likes rain or spring water at room temperature. Indeed, tap water is often too aggressive for it because of the limestone. In fall and winter, keep in mind that the plant is dormant. So be sure to reduce the frequency of watering during this period, namely once or twice a month!

Whatever the season, water must not stagnate in the saucer to avoid root rot!

It is essential to repot Aloe Vera every 2 or 3 years, in the spring, in a slightly larger pot with a hole in the bottom. Prefer a terracotta pot, and be sure to use a very draining soil, or a cactus soil.

A little extra: if you want to harvest the branches of Aloe Vera for cosmetic or therapeutic use, be aware that it is recommended to wait at least five years so that the active ingredients are fully developed.

Now that Aloe Vera holds no more secrets for you, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it!

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