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Which soil for which plant?

Choosing a soil suitable for the plant is not to be taken lightly! On the contrary, it is essential and far too often, we do not pay attention to it. So today we'll explain why it's essential and how to choose the right soil.

Each plant comes from different parts of the world with different types of soil, so it is essential to adapt the soil to each of them in order to offer it the soil in which it grows in the wild , naturally blooming.

Let's understand that it is inside this mass that it will develop one of its vital organs to feed itself, its roots. It is therefore necessary to respect nature and to reproduce it. For example, the small roots of succulents would be unable to pierce the earth in heavy, clayey soil and, conversely, a shrub like the cypress would only survive in sandy soil where its roots would dry out very quickly.

Thus, succulents, succulents or cacti originating from the southern hemisphere, so-called southern aromatic plants such as thyme or rosemary grow on stony soils. It is therefore necessary to have a light, poor and draining soil with sand or perlite which allows rapid drying of the clods without permanent humidity. For this, there are cacti breeding grounds.

Green plants or flowering plants need soil that is both rich and light. A traditional or universal potting soil for green plants or flowering plants is to be used.

As for shrubs or fruit trees, a soil with a clayey tendency, humus, very fertile will be ideal.

Anyway, the perfect combination for having beautiful plants is the clever mix of soil/water/exposure. Know that if one of these elements is not suitable for growing a plant, you will never be able to get the best out of it despite all your good will.

Be respectful and attentive to the needs of your plants, they will be able to return it to you a thousand times over with magnificent growth!

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