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What size pot should you choose for your plant?

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Choosing new plants is always a great pleasure, whether it is to decorate the decoration of your interior. To bring a touch of greenery or new plants for your exterior. Depending on your desires, your tastes, the space you have or your exhibition, you will be spoiled for choice. With a multitude of plants as beautiful as each other, of various sizes, shapes and colors. However, choosing a pot to accompany your plant is often complicated, due to the many differences in sizes and materials available. Here we highlight the importance of the size of the pot you will need to choose for repotting your new plant.

A pot size that matches the size of your plant

At La Green Touch , we advise you not to keep your plant for too long in its original plastic pot. Quickly repot it in a pot made of clay, terracotta, or other suitable material. You will also find advice on the most suitable materials for your plants in the article What pot material for your plants? Indeed, the plastic pot in which the plant is initially sold is often too small, and its roots suffer as a result. In order to encourage the growth of your plant and allow it to breathe, you should always choose a larger pot. The choice of pot size is therefore very important.

However, it's not always obvious exactly what size pot to choose for your new plant when repotting. Indeed, even if you have chosen to decorate your interior with a large plant, a Monstera or a banana tree for example, your plant may not have reached its "adult" size when you acquire it. You will therefore have to change pots throughout its growth by adapting the size.

Different pots as your plant grows

Pot sizes are listed by diameter. The golden rule for choosing the size of your pot is as follows: you must respect the pot/plant proportions at one third of the pot, two thirds of your plant. The height of the pot you choose should therefore be equivalent to one third of the height of the plant. Thus, a pot of 18 to 20 centimeters in diameter will be able to accommodate a plant from 80 centimeters to 1.20 m in height. Throughout the growth of your plant, and as long as it has not reached its maximum size, you will need to change the pot regularly so that it is not cramped.

Keep in mind that each time you repot your plant in its development phase, you must choose a new pot 2 to 3 cm longer than the previous one, not more since a pot that is too big will not will not be favorable either! Once your plant has reached maturity, choose a pot of the same size or slightly larger and remember to renew your potting soil.

Discover our selection of magnificent pots at La Green Touch , handmade by Moroccan artisans, which will enhance your plant.

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