Quelles plantes avoir lorsqu'on a des animaux chez soi ?

What plants to have when you have animals at home?

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PET FRIENDLY: We'll save your pets from your plants, and even your plants from your pets.

Animals are our closest friends. They are funny, endearing, and their company is most appreciable.

However, they are not necessarily compatible with our love of houseplants. With a bit of luck, your pet will not be intrigued by your plant decoration and will never bite into the beautiful leaves that decorate your interior. You would be lucky to have a labrador that poses in front of your monsteras without trying to find out what they taste like, or a cat that falls asleep in a ball against your ficus without ever trying to scratch its claws on it. If not … we know, alas, and sympathize. But that's not the end! We have solutions for you.

TOP 5 non-toxic plants for animals

Calathea Makoyana

makoyana calathea pets friendly

Peperomia Watermelon

peperomia watermelon


Boston Fern

fougere pets friendly abonnement plante livraison

Calathea orbifolia

plante livraison calathea orbifolia

Alternative solutions

In the event that your animals have prohibited plants in your home, by the violence of their fangs and claws, or by simple psychological pressure on their part, we have other solutions to allow you to embellish your interior . In La Green Touch , we begin to be famous for our terrariums, our little jungles under glass, thus protected from your animals. Of all sizes and shapes, with neat and varied decorations, you will find what you are looking for among all our models, keeping these miniature plants safe from your four-legged friends.

You can also try to place your plants in height, with the help of suitable suspensions. From simple plastic hooks to beautiful macrame installations, there are various proposals for decorative hangings.

If despite this your animals jump and fight, here is our solution:

Discover our Pets Friendly Subscription: a selection of pretty plants that are non-toxic to animals

Because we care about our pets, and know you love yours just as much, we've created a PETS FRIENDLY subscription, made up of plants your pets won't like to chew , or which will not be toxic to them. Other plants meeting this criterion are also available on our site or in our shop, but we have gathered our favorites in this unique offer, in order to bring you a solution to combine your love of plants, and the one you wear to your pet.

If your pet ever wishes to taste these plants, you can let it satisfy its taste curiosity by offering it a small leaf or branch without it suffering, the bad taste of some or the satisfaction of having been able to chewing on mom/dad's new plant should have calmed him down for a while.

We have decided to offer two calatheas in this subscription, because they are magnificent plants that are enough to decorate any space. Orbifolia with its large, round, two-tone leaves, and the Makoyana which combines variations of green with purple with underside of its leaves and on its stems. Also air purifiers, they are simply perfect, and combine the useful with the pleasant (and practical, thank you for kitty / doggie).

At La Green Touch , we have a strong affection for the plants of the great family of peperomias, we appreciate its variety and the leaves, each more surprising than the other, that 'it offers. Little appreciated by animals, supposedly lacking in flavor, we have included the peperomia piccolo banda, with its funny little leaves, as well as "its big sister", the peperomia argyreia, known as watermelon (watermelon). With its beautiful leaves copying the fruit, it has an effect on everyone.

Go here to order your subscription or give it to someone close to you!

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