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Which plants for a bathroom?

The bathroom, this intimate and essential place where we pass at least twice a day, must also have its own little corner of greenery, as a “green” interior decoration requires. But choosing a plant for your bathroom can be complex.

What kind of plants for your bathroom?

The first essential thing is to have a window to ensure the development of the plant and good ventilation. Without opening to the outside and lack of light, it's a waste of time! In this case, choose artificial plants.

Then, the second important element to take into account is the humid atmosphere and the sometimes subdued brightness of the bathrooms in order to direct your choice of plants towards exclusively tropical plants.

The conditions of heat and humidity are optimal for their cultivation. It would be a shame not to enjoy it as much as some of them even appreciate slightly less luminous universes!

Which location?

Then, it is necessary to take into account the space you have available to adapt the size of the plant. You can thus promote different plants of small sizes, not exceeding 20cm in height such as fittonia or hypoestes, two varieties offering a tasty mix of very colorful foliage. Alternatively you may prefer a larger single plant such as Monstera, Calathea or Alocasia for a jungle effect.

Finally, we do not recommend plants that like dry environments, such as cacti or succulents. The constant humidity of these places will not benefit them!

Whether it's XXL or mini, all in length, with high ceilings or even in the attic, it doesn't matter, the bathroom deserves its plant that you can contemplate in the shower or while you're a nice bath!

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