Quelles plantes pour votre espace de travail à la maison ?

Which plants for your workspace at home?

At a time when you are certainly one of the vast majority of people forced to spend most of your working time at home, it is necessary to set up a pleasant work area, in which you will feel well and in which you will be efficient and productive. As we have discussed in our previous articles The benefits of plants and Plants in your workspace for better productivity, the presence of plants in your work environment seems to present many strengths, both mentally and physically. Thus, your productivity at work is boosted and the presence of your favorite plants will comfort you throughout your working day. But then, which plants to choose to adorn your workspace? We review the most suitable green plants for you.

First of all, we recommend that you choose non-polluting plants.
Aloe Verais a plant that will respond perfectly to this function since it can cleanse a room, especially against the harmful effects released by the magnetic waves of electromagnetic devices (mobile phone, computer, television, etc.). We also advise you to place your Aloe Vera near your desk because it would therefore absorb a large part of the magnetic waves present in the air.
The Spathiphyllum, also known as the Flower de Lune, is a plant endowed with the same virtues as Aloe Vera, and which you can also surround yourself with in your workspace.

Sansevieria, Aspidistra, Ficus, or Chlorophytum also known as Spider Plant are all plants that you can surround yourself if you want a healthy and calming workspace. Indeed, these green plants have virtues that will boost your concentration and your productivity, while reducing your anxiety. The Orchid, or the Aglaonema with its pink foliage, will allow you to bring a touch of color to your workspace while allowing you to relax and work in good conditions.

Crassula is a succulent with strong leaves, ideal for bringing a natural and soothing atmosphere to your workspace. Also consider the Cactus, which does not require a lot of maintenance and which will inject an exotic note into your office. The Dracanea and the Croton will also be able to accompany you in your working days. If you have enough space in your workspace at home, and for a guaranteed tropical effect, then choose a Philodendron or a Monstera.

So don’t hesitate any longer, as you can see, there is something for everyone, and this list of suggestions is obviously not exhaustive. Thanks to the plants that you will install in your workspace, you will stay motivated and productive and will be impatient to find them every morning to start your working day by their side!

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