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Which plants take root in water?

Cutting is a fun and satisfying experience that you are sure to enjoy and will allow you to propagate your plants for yourself or as a gift. Once your first cutting has been successfully made, you will only want to make new ones. Many plants can be propagated in this way by cuttings in water, but there are a few exceptions. Thus, it is therefore essential to know the suitable varieties before embarking on the adventure of cutting. In addition, the periods favorable to the cutting and the techniques can vary according to the varieties. Indeed, you will see that the cutting process is not the same for example for indoor or outdoor plants.

We give you all the keys to make your cuttings as successful as possible.

The technique of cutting in water and the necessary equipment

The cutting in water is a technique for propagating your plants that is relatively easy to perform. You will still need patience and regular monitoring of your cuttings if you want it to be a success! In this article The technique of cutting in water and the necessary equipment, we give you some valuable advice for successful cuttings in water, explaining the method step by step, as well as the equipment to use. At la green touch , we like to share our tips and our know-how with you, so read this article carefully and you will be sure to succeed in your cutting in water. And besides, something tells us that once the first one is successful, you will have a hard time stopping there!

Cutting indoor plants in water

In this article Cutting indoor and outdoor plants in water, we first offer you our selection of indoor plants that can easily be taken in water. Begonia, Fittonia, Monstera, etc…. There are many, but you won't get a cutting with every plant. Indeed, not all plants are made to be taken from cuttings. We therefore guide you step by step by offering you a list, certainly not exhaustive, of indoor plants that you can take cuttings in water, in order to ensure the best possible result.

We will also tell you about outdoor plants that you can easily take cuttings. Hydrangea, Oleander, Lilac, Mint… the list goes on.
With all these tips, you will quickly become a pro at water cuttings and thus be able to expand your personal little jungle at will. So it's up to you!

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