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What are depolluting plants?

Depolluting plants are our best allies to help us clean up and purify the air in our homes, where pollution is invisible and odorless, but very present.

The air of our interiors

As surprising as it may seem, the air in our homes, apartments and offices is much more polluted than the air outside. The causes are multiple: the evaporation of household products, the painting of your walls, or the coating of your floors, for example. All these products are at the origin of the appearance of volatile organic compounds which spread in our interiors invisibly. So, no matter how meticulous you are in terms of cleaning, dust mites and bacteria will not stop proliferating despite everything.
The solutions? Ventilate regularly, avoid overheating, favor ecological materials and cleaning products...
But above all, you can choose from many varieties of plants, those called depolluting, in order to combine aesthetics and benefits for your health. Indeed, these depolluting plants would have beneficial effects on the ambient air of your interior.

We explain everything to you!

The effects and benefits of depolluting plants

Depolluting plants would indeed have many benefits to bring you in order to help you live in healthy air everywhere in your home. Purifying and purifying, they are indeed able to eliminate most of the volatile and toxic components present in the air of your interiors. Plants are living beings that breathe and are nourished by the air in which they are found. It is therefore rather logical that they can clean the ambient air by eliminating certain harmful substances. Indeed, their leaves and stems absorb and reject gases, thus cleaning the air of the environment in which they are found.

Which plants?

Chlorophytum is a green plant known to be effective against certain gases, such as carbon monoxide, which can escape from your gas stove or heater. water. Chlorophytum needs light.

The Dracanea

This depolluting plant with original foliage will have a dual role in your home: it will be decorative and will also be a major ally in helping you fight against volatile organic compounds. It is also easier to maintain and requires little water and light.

The Spathiphyllum

Thanks to its beautiful green foliage, this depolluting plant has a great ability to filter and purify the air, especially substances that emanate from paints and glues. It needs a rather subdued light and a lot of humidity.

The Ficus Elastica

In addition to helping you clean the air in your home, this plant is very resistant if it has enough light to grow.

The Ficus Benjamina

Its foliage allows it to humidify the atmosphere. They absorb many particles present in particular in the insulation foam, in the glue of your carpets and the fumes of the printers. This depolluting plant is therefore ideal for your office provided that it is bright!

If you can't find what you're looking for in the plants mentioned above, the list of depolluting plants is still (very) long. To name a few, Aloe Vera, Chamaedora, Anthurium, Philodendron, Chrysanthemum are some of the depolluting plants that will delight your interior and your lungs.

What are depolluting plants?

Depolluting plants are our best allies to help us clean up and purify the air in our interiors, where pollution is invisible and odorless, but very present.

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