Quels sont les différents types de plantes ?

What are the different types of plants?

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The plant world is full of varieties and families of different plants. This nature is so rich and diversified that it is sometimes difficult to know to which category of plants this or that plant belongs. However, one of the fundamental things to ensure the good growth and well-being of your plants is to know the family of each of your plants to meet their needs. In this article, we therefore offer you a small inventory of the types of plants so that you know at your fingertips the needs of each of your plants.

Plants can actually be grouped into four main families: herbaceous, trees and shrubs, climbers and bulb plants.

Herbaceous plants

In the plant universe, all "herbs" refer to plants that do not develop any wood and which are therefore composed only of "tender parts", such as Ferns or Primroses. Another characteristic concerning herbaceous plants, depending on their lifespan and the different life cycles that these herbaceous plants can present, we will speak of a so-called annual, biennial, perennial, perennial or even perpetual plant.

Trees and shrubs

Trees have fewer different characteristics since they live for so many years. They are composed of deciduous or evergreen leaves, some trees even flower. Shrubs are halfway between herbaceous plants and trees. Shrubs are perennials that form wood but remain smaller in size than trees.
Climbers and Lianas

These climbing plants form stems and generally grow significantly in order to seek light from above.

They often cling to others, usually trees, and use their trunks to climb.

Bulb plants

Bulb plants have the ability to build up a reserve of nutrients that allows them to disappear at the end of the season and bloom again the following season. Thus, this plant stores reserves underground in order to maintain its different cycles.

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