Panier de plantes anti-gaspillage "Seconde pousse - La Green Touch"

Anti-waste plant basket "Second shoot - La Green Touch "

La Green Touch is not just an e-shop of beautiful plants and terrariums! It is a small company, of less than 10 people, which takes care of your orders with passion, and which is also committed to the environmental cause. We wanted to share with you our actions, our objectives, and our novelties concerning this point, starting by presenting you our new surprise basket anti-waste(llage) which we have called "Seconde Pousse" .
  • Second Growth, what is it?

Seconde Pousse is a basket of plants that costs 25 euros. It consists of an eset of plants worth around 60 euros. This price difference is explained by the state of the plants, these are small shoots that are a little tired or damaged, which we cannot send as they are. They are however living plants, which will grow and give beautiful leaves, however they have some defect, for example two or three leaves could have been torn off by clumsily dropping a plant (it happens!).
The ambition of this surprise basket is to limit vegetable waste. We are already working in this direction because from our shop in Paris 13, we send out "TooGoodToGo" baskets filled with "tired" plants when we have a few.
We also take time to rehabilitate damaged plants. However, we decided to offer this basket to share our tropical plants with plant lovers, those who want to live in a jungle and care for, take cuttings and repot plants on a daily basis.
Give these plants a little time, and the right care, and you'll see them grow, produce new leaves, shoots, and grow nice and tall!
  • Our commitment: the fight against waste

We work to limit our waste, our use of plastic and recycle our packaging as much as possible. Here are some of the actions we have put in place:
  • Recycling of cardboard in wedging, to also better protect your orders:)
  • Most jars used for terrariums are made of recycled glass.
  • Limit the use of plastic, our plant packaging is made of recycled plastic.
  • Some of our plants are in recycled plastic pots.
  • Very soon the soil that we will use for our terrariums, the kits and the one that will be sold will be French and organic, natural and respectful of the environment.
  • Our pozzolan is organic and natural.
  • We fight against vegetable waste thanks to surprise baskets.
With his commitments, we have bigger goals for the years to come. We want to have no more plastic packaging for 2022, offer more French and environmentally friendly accessories, and offer locally produced plants.
This year we also want to organize eco-responsible events, combining plants, recycling and respect for the environment.
How about a recycling project around the terrarium? To stay informed of our actions you can subscribe to our Instagram or Facebook.
Author: Marie, plant expert La Green Touch

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