Top 10 plantes à offrir pour la Saint Valentin - La Green Touch

Top 10 plants to give for Valentine's Day - La Green Touch

Are you looking for a more original and lasting gift than a traditional bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day? Discover our selection of 10 decorative plants and easy to care for to offer to your loved one who will have the advantage of lasting a long time and showing a delicate attention. No kitsch gift this year, we are offering a vegetal gift and adapted to those who do not have a green thumb!

Why give a plant on Valentine's Day?

1. A plant is the essential element to finalize or change your decoration by bringing greenery. Thanks to their diversity and their characteristics, there are different plants that can match any type of interior: apartment without light or bright, small or large spaces .
2. A plant has many benefits and beneficial characteristics for us: it cleanses the air in our interiors, it has relaxing and soothing virtues and improves our morale. But also on our productivity it boosts and stimulates our creativity, so it's ideal to have plants to put in your workspace.
3. It's a gift original and lasting over time

Our plants for Valentine's Day: Heart-shaped plants

1. Mini Hoya Single & Hoya Double
What are the characteristics of Hoya?
It is also called Lucky Heart or love plant.
It improves air quality, and blooms when it is more mature. It grows very slowly but eventually forms a vine with heart-shaped leaves.
It can also be grown outdoors, but provided the climate is mild and warm, favor more seasons such as spring and summer with a minimum temperature of 15°C. There are different hoyas: variegata, carnosa compacta, carnosa krimson, queen, australis, obavata, splash
How to maintain it?
This baby plant is ideal for plant lovers and people who don't have a green thumb because it requires little maintenance and it is also very pretty! It requires moderate watering, let the soil dry out completely before re-watering and place it in a bright room, indirect sunlight. It's a succulent so it doesn't need a lot of water, prefer watering every 2 to 4 weeks.
What are the characteristics of a Ceropegia?
The drooping heart-shaped plant. The Ceropegia is nicknamed the heart string because of the shape of its small waterlogged leaves. This is a very trendy succulent that blooms producing small pink flowers.
Easy to take cuttings, they just need to place a node on the root ball, cover it with a thin layer of substrate and mist lightly.
How to maintain it?
Suitable for new indoor gardeners and seasoned gardeners who want a nice sprout. Concerning watering, let the soil dry completely between two waterings, we water from below by bathing it.
In terms of exposure, place in a bright room with direct sunlight. It likes an environment with an ambient temperature and is better to keep it above 15°C.
What are the characteristics of an Anthurium Clarinervium?
This pretty plant graphic with velvety leaves in the shape of a heart and with the surprising texture will make more than one crack! Heart of heart assured. The plant with spade-shaped leaves, Anthurium clarinervium is an epiphytic plant from South America, it develops naturally on other plants or trees without parasitizing them.
How a classic Anthurium she can make flowers that you can usually observe during the spring.
How to take care of it?
It has a rapid growth and you will be able to observe new leaves within the next few months if you take care of it. It requires moderate watering (letting the soil dry completely), and misting regularly with non-calcareous water.

What are the characteristics of an Anthurium?
The Anthurium and its large, shiny red/orange flowers, the ultimate long-lasting plant! Its common name is tongue of fire, referring to the color of its spathes.
How to maintain it?
This pretty flowering plant needs a lot of light without direct sunlight, it is advisable to place it near a window. It acclimatizes perfectly to life indoors in an apartment or house since its ideal temperature varies between 18 and 21 degrees. If the flowering period indoors is always around summer, it can flower all year round by optimizing all these growing and maintenance tips. In optimal condition, the lifespan of your anthurium can be extremely long and the flowering may renew itself from year to year.
Concerning watering, let the soil dry completely between two waterings, we water from below by bathing it.

What are the characteristics of a kokedama?
A unique and handcrafted creation, a pretty decoration and a gift that is as romantic and cute as it is symbolic of your powerful love to offer to those you love. Appeared in Japan in the 1990s, "koke" means foam & "dama" a ball, a sphere but also something precious. It consists of a moss sphere filled with clay nutrient substrate, on which a plant rests.

The kokedama has many characteristics, symbolic of exoticism, relaxation and zenitude, and meditation. By the way for the Japanese to grow a kokedama and hang it up is to free yourself from gravity and rise to divine dimensions of love and peace .

How to maintain it?

Concerning watering, it requires relatively little maintenance, just bath the sphere halfway for 5-10 min in a large container of water once or twice a week depending on the season. Let it soak and then drain for a few minutes. It should be placed in a very bright room without direct sunlight.

Our plants for Valentine's Day: Colorful pink and red plants

What are the characteristics of the Calathea TrioStar?
This is a Stromanthe but is better known as Calathea Triostar. A tropical indoor plant with colorful foliage, it has depolluting properties and is not dangerous for our four-legged friends. Calathea leaves open and close depending on light and its humidity needs.
How to maintain it?
Keep the root ball always slightly moist, water once or twice a week. Regarding the indirect sun, supports dark spaces.
The ideal temperature is around 20°C and the ideal humidity level is greater than 60%, it thrives in humid and hot environments and is ideal for a bathroom or a kitchen, for example.
What are the characteristics of peperomia rosso?
Also called Peperomia caperata rosso, or the white cane.
Peperomias are pet friendly, they are not dangerous for animals and above all it is a robust plant that lasts in the time and relatively simple to maintain. It has dark green foliage with purple undersides tending towards red hence its name.
How to maintain it?
Concerning watering, let the soil dry completely or almost before watering and expose it in a bright room, indirect sun.
What are the characteristics of the sygonium?
The syngonium, nicknamed crow's feet because of the decorative shape of its leaves, is a rather climbing plant, which can also be used in suspension. It is suitable in a terrarium of at least 25cm in height.
It's easy to care for, if you forgot to water it, try giving it a good bath, there's a good chance it'll come back well.
How to maintain it?
Water when the soil begins to dry out on the surface, about twice a week.
What are the characteristics of the Calathea White Star?
The White Star is a Calathea much appreciated for its beautiful colors and amazing stripes. It is a jungle and depolluting plant that captures toxins in the air, it needs a humid environment so that its beautiful leaves stay in shape and 'they don't dry out, it thrives in just about any bright room.
How to maintain it?
Watering: Keep the root ball always slightly moist, water once or twice a week. Regarding the environment, she likes a warm apartment around 20°C and a humidity level above 60%.
What are the characteristics of Calathea Ornata?
It is perfect for decorating a large living room that does not have a lot of light. We love its variegated foliage, especially the pale pink stripes on the upper part that contrast with the dark green of the plant.
How to maintain it?
You have to keep the root ball always slightly moist, water it once or twice a week. Prefer an environment without direct sun, but it also supports dark spaces.

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