Vivre le végétal autrement avec La Green Touch

Live plants differently with La Green Touch

Make your own terrarium, the concept of La Green Touch .

In recent years, terrariums have been in fashion, and this trend continues! Being a fan of plants and DIY, Laetitia (co-founder of Green Touch) fell in love with these small self-sufficient ecosystems and realized that it was not possible to buy all the elements individually.

Why did you create La Green Touch ?

The idea for our DIY Terrarium kits

DIY is more than a hobby, it's a way of life! More and more people like to create themselves, they see it first of all as a way to accomplish themselves, to feel pride but also entertainment and fun. The terrarium is a trendy decorative object but not necessarily known to everyone or findable everywhere.

The launch of our terrarium kits was born from his 2 ideas:

  • Promote DIY so that everyone can make their own plant creation anywhere in France: connect with nature, touch the earth, the plants with their own hands . but also to decorate it in your own way, as you wish so that it is unique!
  • Becoming the temple of the terrarium: whether for the creation, maintenance, sale of single components

Find our DIY kits: HERE
Our terrariums (delivery only in the Paris region): HERE

Our different activities:

La Green Touch it is above all terrariums and terrarium kits but not only!

  • We offer rare and trendy tropical plants (such as macodes petola, piléa mojito. ) as well as accessories to pamper and take care of your plants (pot, vaporizer. )

Find our plants HERE & accessoriesHERE.

  • DIY workshops are at the heart of our shop

The aim of our workshops is to share our expertise and know-how, in a friendly spirit. Our prices are accessible and flexible according to the beginner or expert profile of the participant.

They revolve around several themes concerning plant creation (which is the heart of our business): learning how to make your very first terrarium, your Kokedama. repotting and dried flower workshops are to come.

We also collaborate with designers whom we welcome in our shop, where other DIY are available: making a mosaic flower pot coaster, making a macrame.

To book a workshop in store: HERE.

  • Our corporate offers

For companies we offer several services:
The terrarium workshops (if you want to know more click: HERE )
Employee gifts (if you want to know more click: HERE)

The brand values ​​and our will:

After almost 3 years of activity, La Green Touch has been able to develop and convey important values ​​for the co-founders:

- The terrarium temple: we offer a wide range of terrariums at affordable prices.
- Sharing and transmitting our know-how (DIY)
- Brand expertise in plant decoration (plants & terrariums): our experts advise you and support in the creation and maintenance of your terrarium and your plants.
- Benevolence towards the initiated or uninitiated client.
- A brand that tends towards eco-responsible products: some of our terrarium are made from recycled material.

The adventure continues!

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