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Mini BOHOL - Terrarium XS
<tc>Sale price</tc>39,00 €
Kokedama - Braided Ficus
<tc>Sale price</tc>66,00 €
La Green Box - Coffret baby plantes
<tc>Sale price</tc>From 56,00 €
Braided ficus tree
<tc>Sale price</tc>26,00 €
The Green Box - Depolluting plant box
<tc>Sale price</tc>From 59,00 €
Sold out
Livraison ACCESSOIRES - Oya Pepin Terracota - plantes
Sold out
Livraison ACCESSOIRES - Oya Pepin brut - plantes
Oya Pepin brut - water diffuser for plants
<tc>Sale price</tc>21,00 €

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