Kit Kokedama

Kit Kokedama

A fan of creative hobbies and DIY, Laetitia the co-founder invites you to discover new plant and floral creations to make yourself.

Creator of the DIY plant, we make you live a unique experience at home!

DIY is a trend that has been going on for several years now, and which has taken a turn during the last confinements, where the art of "doing it yourself" has become essential, to escape, s flourish, stimulate your creativity.
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Kit Kokedama - Asparagus
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Kit Kokedama - Ficus
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The 5 good reasons to offer a plant creation kit

1) Develop your creativity by creating a <tc>terrarium</tc> in your image
2) Personal fulfillment
3) Fun and relaxing activity in contact with nature
4) Decorative object that brings greenery to its interior
5) Sustainable over time

A question about our DIY kits?

Reception and maintenance

With your terrarium kit, you also receive an explanatory guide to make your terrarium step by step. Here, also find all the detailed steps to design your terrarium.

Don't worry, creating a terrarium is accessible to everyone. If you follow the different steps correctly, there will be no problem! Find our tutorial videos on our channel youtube

You must take the plants and the ball moss out of the packaging and water them twice a week until the terrarium is done. They must be well moist during conception

Sometimes during transport, the plants can be mistreated either because of the shock, or the temperature. Cut off any damaged leaves and water your plants and moss well, our plants are quite strong and may simply need to be perked up.

If there are large drops of water on the walls of the jar, you must open the terrarium for 1 hour a day to lower the humidity. If that doesn't change anything after a week, you'll have to move it (Is it too close to a wall? Too close to a TV? )

If it's a 'a slight condensation is completely normal, you can leave it closed

- Gnats
We advise you to eliminate as many as possible then soak a cloth in lemongrass or basil essential oil and finally gently rub the top of the jar with it.

- Slugs, snails
Remove them so they don't feed on your plants.

- Mealybug, red spider
Pests for your plants and your terrarium! They absolutely must be treated quickly with black soap
or an insecticide.

Do you notice that a cottony white deposit has settled on your plants or on the soil?
This is a sign of excessive humidity and a lack of light. Remove the mold using a clean cloth and cut the affected leaves, then leave your terrarium open for 48 hours and place it in the light.

Several possible causes:

- Excess or lack of water (if the soil is dry rehydrate the mosses and your composition, on the contrary if your ecosystem is soaked leave the open for a few hours and then close it.)

- Lack of light (if this is the case, move your miniature garden and bring it as close as possible to the window.)

- Brown spots (often caused by a fungus, remove the affected leaves and leave your terrarium open for a few days until the humidity evaporates.)

Cut the leaves at their base when they touch the sides of the jar. Remove leaves that may have fallen or remove damaged ones. Then leave the lid open a few hours for a good healing of the plants

Plants and moss are guaranteed for 1 week upon receipt of the terrarium kit at your home.
If they are in poor condition, send us a photo at


You can track the progress of your GLS or Chronopost package via the tracking number sent to you by email or SMS. It will be communicated to you 24 to 48 hours before delivery.

If you are not at home, don't worry, our carrier will re-deliver to you or drop off your package at a pick-up point near you.

We use strong double-ply cardboard for the jar. The baby plants will be protected by packaging adapted to their size.

Thanks to the delivery calendar on the basket page, you can choose the date that suits you best.

Concerning the time and the amount of delivery depends on the carrier you choose:

- For GLS:
The delivery time is 48 hours and the delivery costs are €5.90.
- For Chronopost:
At home, delivery time is 24 hours and delivery costs are €9.50.
At a pick-up point, the delivery time is 24 hours and the delivery costs are €6.50.

If the package ever arrives in poor condition (damaged plants, broken jar), send us a photo to the following address:

Secure delivery within 48 hours

We have developed specific packaging for sending our plants and terrariums