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Calathea orbifolia L
<tc>Sale price</tc>59,00 €
Calathea Medallion XL
<tc>Sale price</tc>70,00 €
Maranta leuconeura fascinator
<tc>Sale price</tc>25,00 €
The Green Box - Pets Friendly Plants Box
<tc>Sale price</tc>From 59,00 €
Mini Calathea Makoyana
<tc>Sale price</tc>8,00 €
Mini Calathea roseopicta dottie
<tc>Sale price</tc>10,00 €
Peperomia Hope
<tc>Sale price</tc>20,00 €
Calathea Orbifolia M
<tc>Sale price</tc>25,00 €
Boston fern
<tc>Sale price</tc>19,00 €
Great Calathea Makoyana
<tc>Sale price</tc>77,00 € <tc>Regular price</tc>89,00 €
Calathea Makoyana
<tc>Sale price</tc>29,00 €
Mini Calathea orbifolia
<tc>Sale price</tc>6,00 €
Calathea Medallion
<tc>Sale price</tc>16,00 €
Calathea Zebrina L
<tc>Sale price</tc>45,00 €
Asplenium Crispy Wave
<tc>Sale price</tc>19,00 €
Calathea Triostar M
<tc>Sale price</tc>27,00 €
Calathea Lancifolia
<tc>Sale price</tc>22,00 € <tc>Regular price</tc>29,00 €
Sold out
<tc>Maranta Lemon Lime</tc>
Maranta Lemon Lime
<tc>Sale price</tc>28,00 €
Sold out
Calathea white star
<tc>Sale price</tc>19,00 € <tc>Regular price</tc>25,00 €
Sold out
<tc>Great boston fern - nephrolepis</tc>
Great boston fern - nephrolepis
<tc>Sale price</tc>43,00 €
Sold out
<tc>Calathea Ornata M</tc>
Calathea Ornata M
<tc>Sale price</tc>15,00 € <tc>Regular price</tc>20,00 €
Sold out
Calathea Ornata L
<tc>Sale price</tc>34,00 € <tc>Regular price</tc>36,00 €
Sold out
Calathea lancifolia L
Calathea lancifolia L
<tc>Sale price</tc>35,00 €
Sold out
Trio Plantes Calathéa
<tc>Sale price</tc>60,00 € <tc>Regular price</tc>70,00 €
Sold out
Livraison PLANTES - Trio de calathea - plant mama
Calathea trio - plant mama
<tc>Sale price</tc>69,00 €
abonnement mini plantes idée cadeau

The 4 good reasons to (treat pet friendly plants

1) A plant to clean up the air in our interiors and as an interior humidifier
2) A plant as a source of well-being, for better mental and physical health
3) A plant to improve productivity and fight against anxiety
4) Decorative, a plant brings greenery and sublimates our interiors without danger for our little companions

A question about our plants?


As soon as you receive your plant, if you have any doubts about the plant, take a picture of it and send us an email at: so that we can make a diagnosis

We guarantee our plants for 1 week upon receipt of the plant.

To find out how to care for your plant, you can refer to the care sheet provided with your plant. If it is not present, go to the product sheet for your plant, everything will also be indicated there. Finally, you can also send us an email with a photo of your plant so that we can establish a precise diagnosis.

The plants can stay up to 3 days in the box but not longer, the plants need a minimum light to be able to feed, a lack Prolonged light could harm your plants or even be fatal. Upon receipt of the plant open the box and put it in the light with watering.


1. The plant is packaged in plastic packaging adapted to its size.There are cushions inside so that the plant is best maintained throughout transport and in order to prevent the soil from scattering inside the package. To maintain the freshness of your plant, they are watered regularlyin our workshops before they leave to offer them the best travel conditions.
2. Once the plant is packaged, we add bubble wrap or craft wrap on top to protect it and prevent it from being damaged during transport.
3. The final step, for our parcels, we usedouble thickness cardboardthat we close carefully with the appropriate tape. Accompanying the parcel, you will find a card La Green Touch thanking you for your order and indicating the procedure to follow to leave us a notice as well as the email address of the customer service to contact us.

Thanks to the delivery calendar on the basket page, you can choose the date that suits you best.

Concerning the time and the amount of delivery depends on the carrier you choose:

- For GLS:
The delivery time is 48 hours and the delivery costs are €5.90.
- For Chronopost:
At home, delivery time is 24 hours and delivery costs are €9.50.
At a pick-up point, the delivery time is 24 hours and the delivery costs are €6.50.

You can track the progress of your GLS or Chronopost package via the tracking number sent to you by email or SMS. It will be communicated to you 24 to 48 hours before delivery.

If you are not at home, don't worry, our carrier will re-deliver to you or drop off your package at a pick-up point near you.

To err is human, we apologize in advance :) But we always find a solution to satisfy! Please email us a photo of the product received in error and your order number so that we can return the correct product


Des plantes en direct producteur à petit prix

Nous garantissons les meilleurs prix du marché car il n'y a aucun intermédiaire entre nos producteurs et vous. Une meilleure qualité et fraicheur pour vos plantes, un impact carbone réduit, une consommation plus responsable.

Secure delivery within 48 hours

We have developed specific packaging for sending our plants and terrariums